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Jun 11, 2007 08:45 PM

Looking for a nice cafe to people watch

We are in town this week and are gonna be looking for a place to chill, drink some coffee and people watch. We are staying in times square, and also would like recomendations for some roof top bars where the drinks are not overly priced. Thanks.

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  1. while I hate to recomend the Coffee Shop bar in Union Square, the outdoor seeting is great for people watching. However, been warned about the overprised (though decent) food and model-wanna-be waitstaff.

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      Food aside, the Bryant Park Grill is excellent for people watching.

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        One of my favorite quick lunch places that is easy on the eyes. By the way the model servers are male and female! Eye candy for all. If you mean celebrity watching, another Hound will have to advise.

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          I highly recommend the Coffee Shop for people watching! Whenever I'm in NYC I try to stop by here for just this purpose. Last time we were there, my bf and I had a Sandra Berhart and Julianne Moore sighting. Not too we saw a lot of Union Square charecters walking around.

        2. If people watch = celebrity watch then Pastis will be the place. Though I found their food to be quite unimpressive, many celebs seem to frequent that place...

          1. If you can score one of the outside benches at Joe on Waverly, that's a fun corner to watch Village folk go by, plus good coffee (although not quite as good as Jack's Stir Brew around the corner on 10th- but Jack's has limited seating). Otherwise take your coffee over to Washington or Union Squares to watch the passing throng... (good places for coffee near Union Square are the other Joe, on 13th btw 5th and University; Tisserie, Bway and 17th NW corner of the square; or even the Whole Foods cafe)

            Another place to just sit and chill and view is anywhere along 5th Ave between 59th and the Met- just get a drink and check out the scene.

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              We have a Jack's downtown near the Seaport now. Unfortunately people watching s generally liimited to tourists Which may or may not be interesting. If they are filming a movie or Law and Order (which happens alot) it might be more appealing.

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                While I love Joe's coffee (I like it better than Jack), I don't think the corner is great for people watching, there just isn't enough trafic to make it worth while. But bringing the coffee to WSP is a good idea. And I have seen quite a few celebs inside, if that is what you want.

                The News Bar cafe on University has benched outside and lots of people walk by.

              2. Got another totally different idea . . what about Chelsea Market where Food Network studio is? There are a few small eateries (only indoors) and you might sight a celebrity chef . . . You could also do alittle shopping while you are there.

                1. I second all the Union Square recs, though you could also get takeout from anywhere around there and sit at one of the tables in the park. (Did that with Whole Foods today.)

                  Otherwise, try Shake Shack. Just make sure you have an hour or two because the line is LONG - all the better to observe your fellow shackers, I say.