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Great Yogurt

Fage is my new favorite...what are your comps?

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    1. re: katkoupai

      Mine too. I thought no-one on CH ate Byblos except me.

      1. re: cheryl_h

        That's what I thought, too-- until now. :)

    2. I'm in the Fage camp but we don't get a lot of great yogurt here on the calif central coast.
      Fage, Nancy's, Mountain High is about it.

      I wonder how these rate vs. metro areas' offerings.

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      1. re: toodie jane

        Silly question, but how do you pronounce "FAGE?" Always wondered....

        1. re: stacylyn

          Fa-yeh. It's written on the side of the container. But nobody at the grocery stores knows what I am talking about when I ask for it, so I just call it "the thick Greek yogurt" and get no blank looks.

      2. I'm lucky, I can get local yogurt from grass-fed cows...thank you Mauthe's Dairy. Chef John Folse's yogurt (made in Baton Rouge, LA) isn't bad, but it's not sold plain.

        1. Liberte - both the plain & the fruit yogurt. Hawthorne Valley Farm yogurt - this one doesn't have pectin, so it doesn't feel like I eat jello :)

            1. re: jacopopoli

              It's a brand of yogurt sold in Armenian and Persian markets.

            2. Homemade from raw milk or almond milk; it's awesome and the only kind that is healthy!!

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              1. re: Mangogirl

                i do fage but am interested in byblos. where can i get in los angeles-south bay?

                1. re: Densible

                  Hi, Densible,
                  Byblos is available at most Persian or Middle Eastern markets. The container is white with a thick dark blue stripe around it. I usually get it from Araz in Granada HIlls, CA or Valley Produce in Reseda, CA. If you check out Jordan Market on Westwood Blvd. in LA, they may have it, too. I am not familiar with the Persian markets in the South Bay, but a Persian grocer in West LA may be the closest place to you. :)

                  Araz International Grocery
                  10668 Zelzah Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91344

                  Valley Produce
                  18345 Vanowen St, Los Angeles, CA 91335

                  Jordan Market
                  1449 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                  1. re: katkoupai

                    Thanks K

                    I am going to check this out.

                    1. re: Densible

                      You're welcome. Please post after you try it. :)

                2. re: Mangogirl

                  Hi Mangogirl...how do you make yogurt from almond milk? I've never tried, but I thought lactobacilli eat lactose? Do you have to add extra ingredients to the almond milk? Does it thicken?

                3. White Mountain whole milk plain yogurt is my new favorite. My local Whole Foods just started carrying it. It comes in a 32 oz. glass jar and, according to the label, is made in Austin, Texas. It has a more liquid texture than Fage, which is my personal preference. I think it's about the best unflavored yogurt I have had.

                  1. Some favorites:
                    Stonyfield yobaby banana/vanilla: fabulous cream top, creamy yogurt, mellow flavor (is for babies, but I like it).
                    Brown Cow (many flavors): cream top here is thick and sensual.
                    Liberte (fruit flavors): a nice smooth yogurt with excellent flavors. I really like the peach one that comes with grains.
                    Fage: 2% is my preferred, but full fat is fabulous. 0% has a terrible texture that makes my teeth feel really gritty.
                    Skyr.is: thick, creamy, smooth – yum! Plain is the best, fruit flavors are overwhelmingly sweet.
                    Iggi's: (skyr style) great thick texture and a little sourness that really worked

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                    1. re: gini

                      Byblos is my absolute favorite, Besides persian markets, you can find it at many Halal grocery stores

                      1. re: gini

                        I love (!) brown cow cream top maple yogurt. Its so fatty that i can feel the residue on my lips, but the taste and mouth feel are amazing....

                        I love the fage 2% with honey, oddly enough that honey is the best i've tasted, i'm not sure why....

                        the stoneyfield farms cream top french vanilla is pretty amazing too

                        so delicious cultured coconut milk passionate mango tastes like an amazing tropical dessert (dairy free)

                      2. "What are your comps" What does this mean?

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                        1. re: pikawicca

                          Comparables, probably, although I've only seen that word used with regard to real estate.