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Jun 11, 2007 08:25 PM

Veggie in Vegas

Does anyone have any ideas on any good budget vegetarian fare in Vegas? If I go again and have to stare down another piece of proceesed cheese, I think I'll go crazy. Close to the strip would be nice also... Thanx

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  1. Komol, in Commercial Center about a 30 second walk from Lotus of Siam, offers perhaps the largest vegetarian menu in the city, and they do it well. The prices are also very budget friendly, with most entrees under $10. But while the menu is diverse (Thai, with a few Chinese influences) and the food is good, the atmosphere is nothing special. Also, as a warning, their spice scale leans towards the hot side. So Mild = Medium, Medium = Hot, Hot = Incendiary.

    1. Market City Caffe in the Monte Carlo has an outstanding antipasto bar. It has a good Italian menu, but the bar is the reason to go. I make a meal of just it for lunch, around $10. The restaurant is nice enough for dinner as well.

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        Thanks!!! I wanna try to save some $ so I can have one fancy blowout while I'm there. Trying to justify it...

      2. Although not that close to the strip, it appears as if it's less than 10 miles away...

        I haven't been to either location, but two of my friends go weekly & love it.
        To boot, they aren't even vegetarians!