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Jun 11, 2007 08:10 PM

Lunch and Food Gifts

I will be in Seattle next week for a seminar and am looking for places to eat lunch. The seminar is at the Federal Building downtown (2nd Ave) and I am not sure how long the lunch break will be.

Can anyone recommend a great place for lunch in the immediate area?

I also like to bring food gifts back for my co-workers. I am looking for those local, only in Seattle food gifts to bring back. Any ideas? Maybe something if you moved away you would want someone to send you.

Thanks Much!

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  1. You are 4 blocks from the Pike Place Market, the buses are free downtown - just step on and step off, to save a little time. This site has tons of tips on the market (click on mrnelso for several, and there are more). Cherry street coffee is at 3rd and Marion (you are at 2nd and Marion) for a good cup of coffee. The Market is full of Seattle stuff, ranging from standard tourist goods to more unique things.