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Jun 11, 2007 08:07 PM

mv recs

what's good in martha's vineyard lately?

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  1. Detente in Edgartown is fairly new and gets great buzz. Evidently Ben de Forest is reopening in OB. I think it is where the Captain's Table used to be and called The Oyster Bar (again). Anyone else know about this? The best places have been around for a while- The Sweet Life in OB, Atria in Edgartown (try the bar downstairs), Moxie in VH (BYOB), Outermost Inn, and the amazing Art Cliff Diner for breakfast and lunch. Don't forget to grab a take out from the Net Result, though. (Vineyard Haven.) You will not be disappointed.

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      Just down there this past weekend -- If I heard correctly, de Forest is reopening Balance in a new location. Think the Oyster Bar has been there for a few seasons (i may be wrong about that).
      I love Detente, but didn't get there on my most recent trip...had a great time/meal at Chesca's...though I admit, the food there isn't quite as interesting as the other dining spots around town, at least it's somewhat reasonable and the atmosphere is lively. They could use a good menu change....

      1. re: deeelish

        Thanks, Deeelish, that's it. Ben de forest ran Balance in a space that was called The Oyster Bar before that. Then he left. Now he's back and reopening in a new space. And I think bringing back the name Balance. Chesca's can be fun. Always busy. I think the best restaurants are in Edgartown these days. Or out on the beach with some lobsters and champagne. And I have never had a bad meal at Cafe Moxie in VH which is often overlooked as you need to BYOB. The chef is so amazing and the service outstanding. They always have a vegetarian dish and the presentation is worthy of vast artistic praise. Gorgeous looking.

    2. For something upscale, Mediterranean in Vineyard Haven is the best. It is set right on the water and the food and service is wonderful. If you're planning on heading to South Beach at all, try the Katama General Store on Katama Road. They have great sandwiches, salads and snacks that you can take to the beach.