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Jun 11, 2007 08:02 PM

Cheap but yummy eating in Ottawa

Me and my friend are going to be attending a concert in Ottawa coming up soon at Zaphod Beeblebrox (27 York Street) and we're looking for a cheap but good place to eat in that relative vicinity.

My friend isn't really a fan of Japanese, Chinese, or Thai (shame!)...but other than that we are open to pretty much anything


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  1. Ahora (Mexican) on Dalhousie St in the market has good food and pretty decent prices. It is between York and Clarence (I believe) on the east side of Dalhousie and is downstairs.


    1. I second Ahora. They have a menu online, it is affordable mexican food, great salsa bar, and a license.

      For more of a food court, but still interesting, there are lots of stalls inside the byward market with every type of food. I like the Indian and Moroccan stalls, my husband loves the schnitzel sandwiches at one of the stalls.

      The Black Tomato is also good, but pricey.

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      1. re: hipfunkyfun

        the black tomato looks really is a bit pricey but i think we could handle it

        is that around york street?

        1. re: sprock

          it is on george street (one block south of zaphod's).
          here is the website for black tomato:

          i prefer the food at ahora, but the patio is great at the black tomato, perfect for sitting around and having a beer or two.

          here is a map of the byward market area, so you can get a sense of where things are:

      2. if you want really cheap, then i suggest you go to rideau street and just get shwarma's. shwarma palace is good on rideau. the cheapest food in ottawa is ethnic though.

        also east african restaurant on rideau is great (ethiopian).

        1. Thank you guys so much for the suggestions. The map is great and it seems like this place is in the heart of the market and there will be some great places around. The Black Tomato sounds the most appealing right now, but everything looks good

          Thanks again!