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Jun 11, 2007 07:59 PM

suggestions on cafes for studying at night in phoenix?

so it's about 8pm and I need a place to go get some studying done in phoenix. I'm located at 16th Street and Camelback. There are starbucks and similar places nearby, but the one's I've looked into are all about to close soon. anyone have some suggestions where I can find a table? thanks

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  1. hi,
    exactly how late are you looking for? is open til 10, free wifi, and 7th street south of thomas. lux is open til i think midnight and they are on central north of indian school...

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    1. re: winedubar

      Willo House is always my favorite for late night studying at 3rd and McDowell.

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        midnight's a good time, not that I can last that long, but just to give myself the option. usually around 11pm I end up calling it a night.

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          so I found out lux closes at 10pm on weekdays, but it's a pretty sweet little cafe. good drinks, good music, stylin' too

        2. Coffee Plantation at Biltmore Fashion Park (24th and Camelback) is the closet place I can think of. It will work if you just need a place to camp out. If quality of food and beverage is equally important, Lux on Central just south of Campbell would be a better choice.

          1. You might try Drip Coffee at 7th Street near Thomas ( They are open until 10 PM

            Also, there is a place near 7th Street and Glendale called Unlimited Coffee and they are also open on weekdays until 10 PM and weekends until Midnight.

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            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              thanks for all the suggestions, i'll try lux tonight and these other places before too long. i love it when chowhound works

              1. re: eig

                Not a cafe at all, but you can sit outside and it's pretty quiet or during the week inside, Delux. Grab a cuppa or a milkshake and study away. They're open till 2 a.m.

                I hate to say it, but you're right near the 5 & Diner, no chowhound desination, but it's open 24 hours and you can hog a booth for a while. I will admit that I love their grilled cheese, nothing special, just good.

                1. re: eig

                  haven't been there yet (recommended by winedubar for their coffee a while ago) but i called copper star coffee this weekend to see late they are open & they are open until 11. not sure if they have wifi. on 7th street a bit north of indian school (west side of the road).

                  1. re: ccl1111

                    Copper Star does indeed have wifi:


                    By the way, Copper Star is on 7th Avenue, not 7th Street. I hate to nitpick, but I'm sure we've all experienced cases in which the distinction between street and avenue is a difference of several miles. Copper Star is just south of the bend in 7th Ave and occupies what appears to be an old gas station.

                    1. re: silverbear

                      sorry. that's no nitpick. that's just a bonehead on my part. i was seeing 7th avenue in my mind (and taking a detour to fry bread house to get a honey powdered sugar one).

                    2. re: ccl1111

                      fyi, we went to try copper star on saturday but they were already closed at around 10:40 so i don't know what you should expect.

                  2. re: Seth Chadwick

                    Unlimited Coffee is good because they have free wifi and lots of seating - a HUGE long table in the middle of the room with power outlets available if you start to drain your battery. You can spread out all of your books, paper, computer, etc. with no worry about space. They also have tables and couches. The only negatives about the place are that I don't always like the music selection and sometimes it is quite empty (usually later in the evenings - there is a pretty steady flow of people on weekends) which can be good if you are trying to study, but sometimes it just feels a bit odd.

                    1. re: pickychick

                      Mama Java's 36th st and indian or hava java 32nd street and camelback