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Jun 11, 2007 06:30 PM

butchers in Greater Portland?

Anyone have a butcher shop they love in the Greater Portland area? I'm trying to break free of the grocery store meats but don't know where to go. Thanks!

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  1. Pats Meat market is a good choice. Fresh Approach I believe does some butchering as well but I've never purchased meats there before.

    1. You can buy meat directly from Wolfe's Neck Farm (and they sell their meat through Hannaford as well). There's also a halal butcher on St John that looks interesting (and I'm sure there's a source for kosher meat as well, I just don't know where it is).

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        WNF beef is actaully Pineland Beef with the WNF logo on it. Pineland runs the cattle on the WNF property. I don't know if this has solved the past issues of WNF not properly labeling their packages and admitting to using cattle from mid-west slaughterhouses. With this, many restaurants years ago dropped WNF beef from their menus. With Pineland running the division hopefully its local cattle now.

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          Makes sense there's a halal butcher in town; I should have thought of this myself. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

        2. SMAHA'S in South Portland is a butcher shop, will cut to your specs, and is very reasonable. Their products is wonderful, and I feel a little better then Pats Meat Market, which I am not sure cuts their own meat or not.

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            SMAHA's - A place I used to drive by daily but it takes the internet to remind me. Thanks so much for jogging my memory. I'll stop in and give them a try.