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Jun 11, 2007 05:44 PM

Where to get the best Bigos

My buddy spent some time in Poland and swears by the stuff. Does anybody know who serves up the best Bigos in Chicago? Thanks

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  1. Wow. No idea what that even is. Soup, right? However, when I think Polish food, I think of Kasia's Deli in Ukranian Village. (Don't be discourage about the Polish joint in the Ukrainian neighborhood -there are actualy quite a few Polish restaurants in that area). You'd probably have to give them a holler to see if they have bigos.

    Being originally from Minnesota, where there are tons of Pollacks amongst us bland-food-loving Swedes, the Catholic churches in the area all did Boujia "fundraisers". Maybe the same thing? It was a big old batch of soup. Great stuff. They made it but you bring your own ice cream bucket to bring it home in. Nobody makes soup like the church ladies :-)

    1. Bigos, or "Hunter's Stew," is very near the last thing that I'd want to eat at this time of year, but since you ask I would recommend the version at Andy's Deli on Division. I've lived in The Ukranian Village for several years now, and the bigos at Andy's Deli is my favourite in the area.

      Andy's Deli
      1721 W. Division St.


      1. If you ever get to the Milwaukee area, Polonez in St. Francis has wonderful Polish food, including Bigos.