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Jun 11, 2007 05:33 PM

Visiting for Pitchfork Music Festival...

And I was wondering if anyone could give me some good ideas for places to eat around Union Park.

I'm also staying in the Lincoln Park area. So breakfast and dinner recommendations are welcome!

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to my first trip to Chicago.

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  1. Hi there... I live a block away from Union Park and will be attending as well. That part of town is known as the West Loop. Be aware that you are not allowed to go in and out of the park, or bring food in, so you sort of have to eat what they have...
    That said, I've done both Pitchfork and Intonation and after a long day iwas too fried to really want to eat anything!

    Here is a list from the West Loop Community Organization.
    Alot of the names have been covered here.

    1. There's pretty good food at the show itself...some local restaurants have booths.

      1. In Lincoln Park, I'd try Hema's Kitchen, possibly the best Indian food in Chicago, at least in terms of the spicing. The servings are kinda skimpy, and the service is truly spotty. They literally have high school kids working there some nights (my daughter recognized them from her high school). The lamb curry is the best I've ever had. It's at Clark and Fullerton.

        The Original Pancake House on Clark is a chain, but a really good one. Long lines, though. I recommend sitting at the counter to skip the wait.

        1. I'm going too. Robinson's #1 Ribs and Star of Siam have booths this year. The Ribs are pretty good. I think Whole Foods has a booth too.

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            East of Union Park at Halsted and Jackson is Greektown. My favorite under $20 meal at Greek Islands, Pegasus, or Athena is a cold appetizer plate and a Greek salad. With the free bread, that's a full meal. Artopolis is a hip, casual bar-cafe-bakery in Greektown. Know that Greektown kitchens are open late, like 11:00 or midnight.

            South of Union Park at 18th and Ashland is the Mexican neighborhood of Pilsen. Nuevo Leon on the south side of 18th a half block east of Ashland is a perennial favorite. A search of this board using "Pilsen" will yield lots of leads.

            Between Pilsen and Union Park on Taylor east of Ashland is Chicago's former Little Italy. Steps east of Ashland is Pompei Bakery, actually an Italian cafeteria. I like their salads and pasta more than their pizza. A half mile east on Taylor is Al's Beef, one of Chicago's ur-Italian beef joints. Across the street is Mario's Italian Lemonade, where folks double park to get cooled off.

            Have fun.