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Jun 11, 2007 05:26 PM

gentrification in OB

Just noticed a new restaurant coming to OB. "Wild Ginger Bistro-Vietnamese Cuisine" (previously the Brazillian "Surfari Eats"). We also got a Thai restaurant finally (Thai Time Bistro). I love the new choices, but I hope they don't bastardize an already nuanced and refined cuisine. The last Vietnamese "Bistro" I went to was in the Pearl District in Portland, and I had to ask for lettuce for my spring rolls. Plus no mint! Anyone know about this new restaurant?

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  1. I just saw this place the other day! I am not sure if they are open yet however.

    Can't wait to try it... so let me know if you see an "open" sign soon.

    1. There's also a Vietnamese place opening in PB, 2 doors down from Charlie's.

      1. OB is rapidly heading towards gentrification hell. A dive bar got remodeled and is now a contrived Irish Bar more appropriate for the Gaslamp. Arizona bar is closed and is going to be a little dance/dj place. Boll weevil opened back up after 10-15 years. The direction it is going expect an Applebees, Chilis, TGIF, a few more fast food places, 4 more sushi bars, 4 more wine bars, and 6 more Starbucks in a year or two

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          I don't think that Irish bar is going to last. Someone told me last night they are charging $5.50 for a pint... they might get tourists in there but I don't think the locals are too thrilled with the place. You can't make it in OB without help from the locals.

          At any rate, a Vietnamese place is a welcome addition to OB... I just hope it is good.

        2. A candy shop also just opened on Newport. Starbucks may have gotten in, but I think we can rest assured Hodads won't be going anywhere any time soon. I haven't tried the Wild Ginger Bistro, but have tried Thai Time. It was good, not great, but not in the same league as Antique Thai on Midway.

          1. I too am bummed about the changes around here. I can't imagine the Irish place or the Boll Weevil doing too well over the long run. OB's a tough place to open a new restaurant....