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gentrification in OB

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Just noticed a new restaurant coming to OB. "Wild Ginger Bistro-Vietnamese Cuisine" (previously the Brazillian "Surfari Eats"). We also got a Thai restaurant finally (Thai Time Bistro). I love the new choices, but I hope they don't bastardize an already nuanced and refined cuisine. The last Vietnamese "Bistro" I went to was in the Pearl District in Portland, and I had to ask for lettuce for my spring rolls. Plus no mint! Anyone know about this new restaurant?

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  1. I just saw this place the other day! I am not sure if they are open yet however.

    Can't wait to try it... so let me know if you see an "open" sign soon.

    1. There's also a Vietnamese place opening in PB, 2 doors down from Charlie's.

      1. OB is rapidly heading towards gentrification hell. A dive bar got remodeled and is now a contrived Irish Bar more appropriate for the Gaslamp. Arizona bar is closed and is going to be a little dance/dj place. Boll weevil opened back up after 10-15 years. The direction it is going expect an Applebees, Chilis, TGIF, a few more fast food places, 4 more sushi bars, 4 more wine bars, and 6 more Starbucks in a year or two

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          I don't think that Irish bar is going to last. Someone told me last night they are charging $5.50 for a pint... they might get tourists in there but I don't think the locals are too thrilled with the place. You can't make it in OB without help from the locals.

          At any rate, a Vietnamese place is a welcome addition to OB... I just hope it is good.

        2. A candy shop also just opened on Newport. Starbucks may have gotten in, but I think we can rest assured Hodads won't be going anywhere any time soon. I haven't tried the Wild Ginger Bistro, but have tried Thai Time. It was good, not great, but not in the same league as Antique Thai on Midway.

          1. I too am bummed about the changes around here. I can't imagine the Irish place or the Boll Weevil doing too well over the long run. OB's a tough place to open a new restaurant....

            1. I had Wild Ginger the other night - they had trouble with opening, didn't realize how much staff support they needed.
              It was pretty good. But I like the places up near USD better for Pho. the Fact that I can Walk there is a major plus.

              The Thai Time Bistro is just Like it's sister restaurants - Thai Time and Time Time 2, they don't have an alcohol license yet - which might hurt them, but the food was good and plenty.

              Also ate take-out from the new Sandwich place on Newport "Cravings" I think it's called. HUGE sandwich that I shared with my SO and we ate it over the course of an afternoon at the beach. It was pretty good and I'm sure I'll go back for more.

              Still waiting to see what the guy with the Irish pub/breakfast place is doing with his double-wide spot on Newport (near Pac shores), it's been closed nearly all summer!

              I agree though, the good places are not going anywhere too soon. South beach just got rated in Bon Apetit Magazine!

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                We tried Cravings a couple of weeks ago, and really liked their sandwiches!