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Jun 11, 2007 05:24 PM

Charlie's Best Bread (SD)

I usually buy from the stand at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, but would love to visit the retail location in PB. Isn't it near Great News (the cookware store) on Garnet? Does anyone have any recommendations? I normally buy the challah or Squaw breads, but am willing to branch out. How about the sweets, i.e. cinnamon buns?

On a side note, the pooch apparently approves of Charlie's. Left a loaf of challah on the counter and the big doofus propped himself up on the counter, dragged down the bag, opened the bag, and cleanly ate half the loaf. Oy.

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  1. Oregon Herb bread is great, do give it a try. They give samples at the store. It is on the opposite side of the center where Great News is, on the side where Cafe Athena is.

    1. Charlie's rocks! I discovered them at the Farmer's Market and was surprised to learn that they've been around for 20 years.

      We love the cHallah for french toast. The crusty baguettes are awesome too. If you go to his store in PB, they let you sample any breads you want. Their cookies, etc are pretty darn good too.

      They are near Great News, but in the east side of that mall. Basically, if you walked out the back door of GN, you'd be in an alley facing the back door of Charlies.

      1. I had a part time job there back in the day. Their ciabatta is delicious. Their cinnamon rolls are awesome. So is their olive bread. I also loooove their banana chocolate chip bread. I don't think you can go wrong. I would ask them what they baked that day and get that.

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          Does this mean that some things are not baked fresh every day?

          1. re: bythenumbers

            I took it to mean that not every item is baked every day, i.e. they may have a baking rotation for some items

            1. re: bythenumbers

              DiningDiva is correct, there's a rotation for the special breads. The staples are baked daily, e.g. challah, white, wheat, baguettes, rolls, etc.

              1. re: chiklet

                Thanks for the clarification. I was customer when they had the store in Hillcrest and thought maybe they changed things. I don't get to that part of PB that often.

          2. I did visit the retail location and the Oregon Herb rolls are fantastic. So were the snickerdoodles. I'll be trying everything else that chiklet recommended.

            FYI, if you want focaccia, you'll have to call them prior to 9pm the day before you want the bread.