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Jun 11, 2007 04:53 PM

Heading to Westwood! Any recommendations??

Hi there

Going to Westwood tonight with a friend and heading to Santa Monica to drop her off. Anyone have any suggestions on where to eat in Westwood.

Thank you!!

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  1. Shamshiri for Persian, Sunnin for Lebanese, or Apple Pan for burgers (that's technically WLA, but close enough).

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    1. re: glutton

      2nd and 3rd Shamshiri. Exccellent food. Big portions. Veggie and meat friendly.

    2. i think westwood is the haven for cheap eats! not sure if this is what you are looking for but I recommend...

      the burrito shop next to BJ's on broxton called Jose Bernsteins. If you want to try something wierd and new (but good!), try the spicy korean bbq burrito. it has sweet marinated meat and spicy kimchi wrapped in a tortilla.

      also sak's teryaki on glendon. they make really great spicy chicken, it's like karage style and it comes with some really great seasoned fried rice. i think that's the best thing there, dont bother with the beef teriyaki. also their miso dressing on the salad is yummy!

      or you could hit up Palomino's on lindbrook/glendon. they have the best happy hour ever. i believe it's from 5-7 then 10-12? i like their beef lettuce wraps, pizzas, and chicken wings. everything is around 5 bucks during this time.

      damian and pythias on broxton also has the best steak sandwiches. it is a must try if you have never been. i like their take on a cheesesteak (with bleu cheese). and the curly garlic fries are their specialty!
      have fun!

      1. Tanino!

        Pretty much anything in the menu:

        Excellent tricolore, rib eye, ossobuco, gnocchi al pesto, garbanzo soup, branzino.

        Just stay away from their risotto nero.

        1. why not try Pastina (westwood blvd south of olympic) been going there for years and the food is very consistent, and not break-the-bank expensive either. every time i'm in westwood or the area, that's my choice for italian. caveat: that might be wla also. :(