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Jun 11, 2007 04:39 PM

Anyone been to 750ml lately?

Want to take the mom-in-law there for her b-day next weekend. Saw the negative experiences people had right after the opening and wondering if they've cleaned up their act at all (ie, bigger portions, more menu options, better service, etc.).


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  1. Hope it went well for you- I was taken there for my birthday this past week. They lost our reservation, but cheerfully made room for us at a tiny table. A waiter spilled red wine on the light colored sleeve of my sweater, and a different waiter managed to spill hot coffee onto the lap of my host. They charged us for the coffee.

    When we mentioned it, they removed the charge for the coffee and my dinner, and asked us to please come back. Once again, the food was truly excellent so I am not ruling out going again. But I will be changing into old clothes before I do. Perhaps wearing a tarp.

    1. I havent been there but have only heard terrible things about this aint cheap, either

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        I went a month ago. We started with wine at the bar, and we had a reservation for dinner. The place is adorable...great location, great atmosphere. WE watched the food coming out of the kitchen. It looked good...but the portions were TINY!!! It was also very pricey, and not worth it, in my opinion. We went to Bistro de la Gare. I always have a great meal there. At least for the price, you are getting a real entree.