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Jun 11, 2007 04:39 PM

Trip Report: Olives and Clio

We had a group of 6 in town for the meyhem that is graduation week in Boston. We made reservations early, thanks to the recommendations of the CH board.

The food was outstanding. Duck L'Orange, prepared 2 ways, both equally but differently perfect. Steak was dubbed "okay", butternut squash tortellinis were "different", but in a good way. Service was a little snooty (the french guy in his jeans and apron seemed offended that a group could laugh so much during a meal), but attentive.

Presentation and menu choice was far superior to Olives. However, the duck didn't measure up. Other dishes, namely the organic chicken and braised ribs entrees, as well as the otoro started were outstanding. Service was perfect. The only un-loved taste was the crepe starter, which had a chewy/almost tofu skin like texture to it.

Thanks for the recommendations, Boston CH-ers. I'll report on the Cape Cod leg of our trip on that board.

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  1. Thanks for reporting back...pity you couldn't do the tasting menu at CLio. Nothing of that caliber in Seattle (not even Herbfarm, which charges more than Clio for fewer courses).

    1. 2 excellent spots in Boston. Glad to hear you had a great experience at Olives. Olives is getting much better... closer to it's great form of earlier years after slipping quite a bit for a couple of years. Will never be quite what it was since Todd used to hang out there, but still very solid. When it's right its really a fun time. Thanks for the report.