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Jun 11, 2007 04:31 PM

Le Pamphlet re-opened & Jacques Genin going public

Just back from Paris and was fortunate enough to have dinner at Le Pamphlet the night they re-opened after the renovation (light, bright, and airy with the fantastic seating still). The 6 course degustation menu is no more, but the food is still excellent. Since it was the first nite after the renovation - free mimosas and charcuterie plate for everyone.

I went to Pain de Sucre to pick up some Jacques Genin chocolate and caramels - but the v. nice man stated that they were no longer selling JG items. After we picked up some marshmallows and a macaroon or two, the salesperson stated the Msr. Genin was going to be opening his own store to sell his chocolates and caramels to the public directly.

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  1. Do you have any idea when Msr. Genin would open his store and where? TIA.

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      Sorry, but a crowd came in while he was ringing up the purchase and I didn't want to put out the nice man (if I spoke French with any fluency, I would have asked for the address). I had the impression from what the man did tell me, that the shop would be opening sooner rather than later. Perhaps some of the local CHers have more info.

      I have finally tried the Henri Le Roux caramels and they are exceptional (bought at l'Etiole D'or :Denise Acabo is so charming - we had a lovely conversation about macarons between her halting English and my non-existent French - her favorites are the chocolate macarons of Pierre Herme and Gerard Mulot, I suggested she might also like Ladurees caramel fleur de sel - but I think she is a serious chocaholic).

      Personally, I want to have a French caramel au beurre sale taste-off. Bring it on, Breton & Paris.

    2. Hi
      is there still a prix fix at Le pamphlet? have the prices gone up?