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Best BBQ in LA?

Bellyworth just returned from the Holy Land of BBQ (Texas) and is looking for some good ole Texas BBQ here in LA. A place with tender brisket, smoke sausage and succulent ribs. Also any recommenations for soul food would be apprecaited. Bellyworth has ate at Venni Mac's M & M soul food several times and it is excellent.

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  1. I've never had Texas BBQ but my favorite bbq place is Mr. Cecil's on Pico. Their beef ribs are fantastic! And the hushpuppies/cornbread rules!

    1. Do you want to the down-home type or upscale versions?
      Several Texan friends swear the ribs at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks are as qualitative and tasty as they have had here in LA and that includes the awful Mr. Cecil's Ribs (sherman Oaks version to be precise), as well as Swinging Door, Hoglys(in Mission or North Hills, not receda!), and Zeke's, Montrose version.

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        I like Woody's on Slauson although you have to order food to go from there!!!

      2. I'll be the red ants at this picnic. I have never heard of BBQ in L.A. anything like Texas. We have have lots of great BBQ, but none of it is as moist and tender as the brisket in the Hill Country San Antonio/Austin area. The style of sausage here is different, too. There might be a real Texas-style place here, I've just never heard of it.
        I just enjoy Woody's, Philips' and Dr. Hogly-Wogly's, what we have here and relish my memories of Texas.

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          You've named three of my favorite BBQ joints in LA! If there are better, they must be outside the county.

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            Try J&J Burger Shack & BBQ on Adams 2 blocks east of Fairfax, right up there with the others

          2. dr. hogley wogley's is the siht!!! hands down, ive been to texas and this is better!

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              There are three places I can definately recommend - Baby Blue's on Lincoln, JR's BBQ on La Cienega and Mom's in the Valley near Magnolia and Kester. All better than Hogly Wogly's.


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                people recommend tastyQ but my experience there was not that good. People hate on BBQ King, but I'd rather have BBQ King than tastyQ. Have not had philips or bad 2 da bone yet. baby blue's is probably the next stop here

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                  I was able to sample a variety of things from Baby Blues at a party I attended.
                  The best thing was the mac n' cheese. The pulled pork and pulled beef were stringy and dried out, in dire need of bbq sauce (a bad sign) and the beef and pork ribs were eh. No deep smoke taste.
                  I like Phillip's better than JR's if you can do take out. I've only been to the Crenshaw Phillip's.

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                    My favorite places have both entered the realm of 'Historic Q Joints' but I miss them! Carl's BarBQ & Dirty Rice on Pico Blvd. and Mr. Jim's (You don't need no teeth to eat our meat!) at 54th. & Vermont. Oh well.

                    My current fave and it has been for years is Phillip's BarBQ in Leimert Park, I like any of the ribs and the Hot Links. Hot sauce is great, some folks ask for it mixed 1/2 & 1/2 with the medium sauce. Red Velvet Cake is great after the Q. The only bad thing is that there is no seating, take out only. I chow down in a nearby park as I don't have enough self control to wait until I return home!

                    Only had the Pulled Pork Sandwich at Baby Blues, a couple of months after they opened so it's been a while, and it was good. Meat was moist and flavorfull/smokey.

                    Have had good burgers at BarBQ King and the place on Adams Blvd. E. of La Cienaga that Burger Boy likes (can't recall the name, sorry).

                    Is JR's the place on La Cienega near Adams? Went once, nice folks but mediocre Q.

                    I still need to try the other places S of Downtown L.A. and Carter's Boneyard Bistro, Zeke's and Robin's I guess.

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                      Mr. Jim's was the spot. Those ribs could be sliced with a spoon.

                      I like the small ends and the sliced beef with the sauce on the side at Phillips. They have combo plates with two sides and some bread. I eat on the hood of the car at lunchtime.

                      4307 Leimert Blvd., Ste. 3
                      Los Angeles, CA 90008

                      At Crenshaw. You can call in the order also if pressed for time.

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                        Loved Carl's would go there before going to the Mint for some good Blues, ah the old days. The thing with Carl's, he always forgot to make enough cornbread for the day, we loved that bread to sop up the greens with.

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                          I don't remember the cornbread at Carl's. It was always some cheap Webber's Bread that was in a cheap sandwich bag (no Zip Locs here) but that bread sure tasted good when used for mopping up the sauce! I also miss the Peach Cobbler that a lady sometimes made in house, so good! And they had tables, unlike Phillip's, and the first big screen that I ever saw at their newer location further W on Pico.

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                            The corn bread was extra and sometimes he had it, usually not. Hey Carl, you got any corn bread today? Awwwwwwww i forgots to make it. or I did not have any time. He was a great guy and a BBQ God! GREAT Q!

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                    Are you sure you don't mean MOM'S on Vanowen and Hazeltine?? And anything is better than Hogly Wogly

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                      I second that.. Moms is pretty good stuff... Hogly Wogly is riding on a long since past reputation

                    2. re: Jeryy

                      You have chosen 3 very average places

                  3. Bodacious BBQ in Carson is probably my favorite. The chopped BBQ brisket with hot BBQ sauce is to die for. Their beans are good also. They burned down a while back but they rebuilt and are back in business. I have been there when the wood truck delivers the wood for the smoker which is on site. Nice pink BBQ ring on all the meat. Yummy.
                    637 E University Dr.
                    Carson, CA

                    1. What's the latest word on the Prayer Assembly Church BBQ on Fridays and Saturdays? Haven't heard about them in a while.

                      1. Anyone tried Grandpa Fred's in Canoga Park or Tarzana?

                        1. I think best BBQ is kind of like discussing Politics or religion. People have their fav's and thats that. In LA, my fav's are Dr. Hogley wogley's for brisket and spare ribs and Baby Blues for beef ribs and baby backs

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                            I have to agree with the Texas BBQ King as being better over Phillips BBQ. I found Phillips to be mediocre at best. The BBQ King's sauce is also killer. It's been many years since I ate a Dr. Hogley Wogley's but when I did sample their menu I was very unimpressed, barely edible.

                          2. I love BBQ, and have tried most of those mentioned. My current favorite is Porky's, on Manchester just west of Prairie and the Forum and Hollywood racetrack. Amazing pulled pork, moist and tender and succulent with some of the crispy crust. Huge two-sided sandwich with slaw, dirty rice, and grilled pineapple. They also serve Golden Bird fried chicken. Keep your order simple, service is easily confused.

                            I've been going to Baby Blues since they opened. Reflects its Venice location on Lincoln across from the Smart & Final, with comfortable seating, prices on the higher side, and friendly, bohemian tattooed or pierced service. I like the pulled pork, which is meant to be stringy, but not so much the brisket, which is shredded the same way rather than tender slices.

                            I like Dr. Hogly Wogly's for brisket, and JR's down where La Cienega meets Fairfax for spareribs and potato salad -- ribs were meaty and tender rather than overly carbonized with caramelized burnt sauce like JJ's on Adams and even Phillip's in Leimert. In my experience, BBQ King up on Cesar Chavez and Figueroa is the worst, with slow service and poor value, bony ribs and dry meat.

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                              Big thumbs down to Mr. Cecil's. Something is seriously wrong when you can't smell the barbeque from outside. This is barbeque at it's absolute worst Sterile environment, sloppy service and barbeque which is an embarassment to true affecionadoes.

                              1. re: maudies5

                                I don't disagree, I have not tried their BarBQ. I did stop by the Pico location a few years back, shortly after they opened, and had a good burger and very friendly service.