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Jun 11, 2007 04:01 PM

Indian Restaurants in Middlesex County

In reading the Mid-Atlantic Boards and in particular the Middlesex County area, I am struck by the lack of mention of Indian foods and restaurants. Middlesex has the largest Indian population in the US with an Indian/Pakistan grocer on practically every corner. There are as many Indian carryouts in Middlesex as there are Italian. I shop frequently at my local Subzhi Mandhi (sic?) grocery for veggies and nuts, legumes, spices. However, I have rarely ventured out to try the restaurants because I am not knowledgeable enough about the different areas of India and cooking styles -- plus its hard to find anyone terribly enthused about indian opposed to Italian, Thai, etc. How about giving me some suggestions so I can lure my husband out? Any Indian cooks out there, and I don't mean Navajo?!

We're game for anything....and would like to learn more about one of the most abundant cuisines in New Jersey.

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  1. Cinderz, I think you will find that there is in fact a lot of information here about Indian restaurants in Middlesex County. If you're on the Mid-Atlantic board, simply do a search on "indian" and you'll pull up dozens of messages. In most cases, the titles will tell you if you're dealing with restaurants in Middlesex County (or Edison or Iselin) or if the areas are not of interest to you. Prepare to read quite a bit!

    FYI, one of my favorite Indian restaurants is Rasoi II on Oak Tree Road, just east of Wood Avenue. Moghul, in a nearby shopping center is also very good (sorry, can't remember its exact location).

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      I prefer Rasoi to Moghul but both very good. Haven't tried the Rasoi in Jersey City - anyone?

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        Thanks for the input. I'm going to make a tour of Oak Tree Road when I get back from San Diego (doing my Vietnamese food thing). My family by marriage is in the restaurant business in Somerset but French is not my favorite - I'm more a Vietnamese, Indian and Mexican food person. By the way, the Indian groceries have been selling mangoes by the crate (about 14 to 16 in the box) for $6.99. The last thing I did before leaving New Jersey was order a set of mango forks!

      2. Good Indian on Ernston Rd. near Rt. 9(200yds from BonJovi's childhood apt!?) BYOB

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          Is this Rajpoot? I agree, that is a pretty good Indian place. When I used to live there, there was another Chinese Indian place across the street where PNC is or was called Chingari. I don't know if that's still around. But, they were pretty good, too!

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            Yes, Rajpoot, thanks. We also hit the Indian grocery store across the street to bring back fixi'ns to the icy far north.

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              I've been wondering about Rajpoot. They're constantly in the ad mailers we receive. Their latest ad says they've got a new dinner buffet from 5-10 p.m., for $8.95. Plus, each night, except Sat., has a special focus, for example, Mon. = Chaat; Wed. = Punjabi; Thurs. = Biryani. There are all sorts of discount coupons. Since you say the food's pretty good, maybe we'll give it a try.

          2. In Iselin, I stopped at a little food court on the corner of Correja Ave and OakTree Rd. They have a few food stalls, a beverage stand, and a sweet shop. After looking at all the lunch offerings, I got a vegetarian platter from Punjabi Junction, because their food looked sincere. Long-cooked spinach with paneer cheese, spice cauliflower and potatoes, red dal, very nice basmati rice, some condiments, and a large, perfectly fresh, warm buttered naan. At the drink stall, I got fresh-squeezed lime drink with sugar, salt and black pepper. A satisfying, soulful meal (even if it was served on a foam tray). I will go back.

            See photo of the box of sweets I took home. I love buying Indian sweets because I have no idea what they are, I just point at the ones that look interesting.
            Note: This food court has insufficient seating. It was crowded on a Tuesday. I imagine weekends are packed.

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              I am working in NJ for the summer, so I am attempting to try many of the restaurants on Oak Tree Rd. So far, I have tried Chowpatty and Volga. The food I had at Volga was great, especially the Chicken Tikka Masala. I was less impressed with Chowpatty (all vegetarian) but am not sure if I ordered the right items. I am interested in going back and trying something off the Gujarati Vegetable part of the menu.

              I think I may try Rasoi II next.

            2. The best authentic Indian food is located in somerset, it;s called Punjabi Rasoi. Punjab is a northern state in India and Rasoi means kitchen. Not a fancy place at all but the food is fresh, reasonable and authentic. The cook is the owner and is family run; they make tons of specials which makes it unique among the standard Indian restaurants. Enjoy....

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                Somerset is a big county. I live in Middlesex but just across the line from Somerset/Franklin. Where exactly is Punjabi Rasoi?

              2. The very best southern Indian food I've ever had is to be had at Swagath in Edison, New Jersey. Try a rava dosa, and prepare yourself for something special. Their rava dosa, a crepe made from semolina so thin you can see through it, is unlike anything you've eaten elsewhere.