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Jun 11, 2007 04:00 PM

MSP Fancy Birthday Dinner

Looking for a 4 or 5 star place for a fancy birthday dinner this Saturday in MSP. Would love to sit outside. Willing to drive as far as necessary.



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  1. I've had an "outdoor, 4 or 5 star fancy birthday dinner" at Osteria I Nonni in Lilydale. Excellent upscale Italian.

    Muffuletta in St. Paul would be another option although it has been long enough since I've been there that I should stop publicly recommending it. There have been many, many raves recently though.

    I'm having trouble hitting both "4 or 5 star", fancy and outdoor. I'm sure others will offer plenty.

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      The Craftsman has a lovely outdoor patio and fantastic food and service.

      1. re: katebauer

        Lake street in front of the craftsman is all torn up. FYI - doesn't hurt the food and there is no noise when the work is done.

    2. not outdoor seating but I highly recommned 'La belle vie' if you can get a reservation.although their lounge is also quite romantic.excellent food and service. very Birthday-worthy!!!

      1. Solera downtown has a patio, but a limited menu on the roof, and it is loud up there.

        Lucia's in Uptown has patio/sidewalk seating.

        You can sit outside at 20.21 in the Walker. Great view.

        Azia on Eat Street has sidewalk seating and could be appropriate.

        Masa is not 4 or 5 star really, but it's good and the buses don't run as heavily on Saturdays down Nicollet.

        My recommendation: jP Bistro in Uptown. Ask for Andrew. Sidewalk seating, very good food, great winelist, special occassion appropriate, though it is a bit loud since you're on Lyndale.