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Jun 11, 2007 03:08 PM

Foxwoods & Mohegan Any good Dining?

Which fine dining restaurants are worth the bigs bucks? What are your favorite dishes to order and any recommendations on B&B's nearby? Thanks

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  1. Cedars at foxwoods for steak has never disappointed. better than Mortons. There is a Carnegie deli counter that has good coened beef sandwiches. Mohegan's restaurants don't impress me with the exception of Jasper White's Summer Shack for seafood(I live in Boston and frequent his Boston and Cambridge "Shacks" occasionally). It's more casual than some of the other restaurants at the Mohegan but has better food. I've eaten at Michael Jordan's and Todd English's resataurants a few times and they never impressed me.

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      Agreed, I like Mohegan's Summer Shack, although it's casual, and still not all that inexpensive, seems to be best quality for the buck.

    2. Rain at Mohegan Sun is very good. Worth the financial upgrade over Todd English.

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      1. re: FoodieJim

        Paragon at Foxwoods is wonderful. It's the only place we'll eat when we're there.

      2. Golden Dragon at Foxwoods has good noodle soups. There's a similar place at Mohegan.

        I find it quite amusing to go to an "Indian Casino" to find good Asian cooking...!

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          I want to emphasize that he said the noodle soup is good. The sushi was horrible. So eat noodle soup and maybe some dumplings but skip the sushi.

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            Went to the Golden Dragon last week, the service was terrible and the waitress spilled the tea all over the table...never again !! Crispy Duck was far from that and the noodles tasted like they were overcooked Ramen noodles with a few veggies.

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          1. The food at Foxwoods is unimaginably bad. I have eaten at almost every restaurant there (used to play a lot of poker.) It's a dump compared to Mohegan Sun. I've only eaten at Summer Shack in Mohegan, but I was very pleased.