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Jun 11, 2007 02:21 PM

Fresh Spring Rolls

Indochine (Thai) in Federal Way makes the VERY BEST fresh (not fried or baked) spring rolls EVER! Unfortunately I no longer spend much time down there as I live in Seattle. Does anybody know where you can get knock-out fantastic FRESH spring rolls here in Seattle. Thanks!

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  1. I like Bambuza. A lot of people like Green Leaf, I just haven't been yet.

    1. I really like the spring rolls at Chincoise in QA. This is also something that is fairly easy to make yourself once you have the right ingredients.

      1. The ones at Green Leaf are divine with something crunc hy in them.

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        1. re: magfoodguy

          We liked the fresh-rolls at Tamarind Tree so much, Tham delivered a platter of them to include in our reception fare. Fried tofu sticks, fabulous greens, bean thread. Wonderul presentation. We've had many around here and these are still at the top of our list. Good dipping sauce, too.

          1. re: mrnelso

            I agree with mrnelso and others. Something textural sets Tamarind Tree's rolls apart.

        2. The ones at Green Leaf and Tamarind Tree are very similar and absolutely fabulous (they both have a crunchy center that is SOOOO good). Heads and tails above any I've ever, ever had (I do remember liking Bambuza, though, just not quite as much). I've given up getting them anywhere else-it's unbelievable how many places serve rolls with un-fresh shrimp and then just iceberg lettuce and rice noodles-no herbs or anything. I ordered some at Pho Cyclo recently, took one bite, and left the rest. Blech.

          Though I see the ones you like were thai, which might be a little different than the Vietnamese ones we're talking about. I've never actually had good fresh rolls in a thai restaurant.

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          1. re: christy319

            Because of what I've read on this board in the last two weeks regarding Green Leaf, I went today. I had the veggie spring rolls and thought there were very good. I think it's just a rolled fried tortilla or wonton wrapper inside.

            But what was very good was my noodle bowl. I had the combination pork, chicken, shrimp, and fried egg roll and it was all delicious. It was better than Bambuza and as good if not better than my favorite, white-light bleached spot in White Center. I will definitely go back with the wife and try some other things

            1. re: eternalX

              I think it's a rolled, fried spring roll wrapper. It's the same thing that Tamarind Tree uses. (Didn't the original chef at TT open Green Leaf?)

              1. re: christy319

                Unless they've changed, the ones I've had at TT didn't have the crunchy layer on the inside. I thought it was a fried (and salted, yum) wonton wrapper at Grean Leaf.

                1. re: Lauren

                  They have been in the standard/classic (whatever you want to call it-the one that they just call "spring roll", the one with shrimp) spring roll at TT since the beginning, and I had them most recently just last week. I have NOT had their other variations of their fresh spring roll, like the veggie/tofu version, so maybe those don't have it. That would be a shame.

                  1. re: christy319

                    On this topic, does anybody know of a place that serves popiah? They are sort of the Malaysian/Chinese (Peranakan) equivalent to the spring roll. We had some in Singapore that were amazing, but have never seen them since.

                    1. re: christy319

                      I bet that's it. I think we ordered the veggie version.

                2. re: eternalX

                  the crunch inside the roll consists of the leftover crusty rice that adheres to the sides of the rice cooker and is considered a delicacy - the vegetarian version at tamarind tree is one of the best in town

                  1. re: howard 1st

                    Its very clearly not rice-you can take it out and see that it's a single rolled up wrapper of some kind (spring roll, wonton).


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                1. re: vicsailgarden

                  We went to Green Leaf last night for about the 3rd time ... as always the fresh spring rolls, both vegie and with shrimp (we always get one of each!) are fantastic. I am so glad for the tip. Also the food there in general is a cut above, as is the wait team. Thanks everyone for this tip!

                  1. re: vicsailgarden

                    Tamarind Tree, for great fresh rolls

                    1. re: mrnelso

                      But I got an order at Green Leaf today and they were on par with TT
                      lunch was an order of fresh rolls (pulled pork variety). Bo La Lot, and lemongrass fried tofu. I am still stuffed...