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Jun 11, 2007 02:20 PM

office outing to Sripraphai

7 of us from my office are going to Sripraphai for lunch on Thursday. Can a make a reservation with a party that size (I guess I could just call)? Also, is there anything we should do differently in terms of ordering with a group that size (something special for a large party?) or just go with what normally is recommended. Thanks for any help!

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  1. I went for lunch there there today with a group of colleagues. They don't take reservations. However, the place is usually empty for lunch, so don't worry about beaing seated. Make sure everyone brings cash - they don't take credit cards.

    Crispy watercress salad is good, drunken noodles and green curry are always a favorite. We ususally get several dishes and share. Note that 'mild' is spicy and 'medium' is very spicy.

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      Actually, they do take reservations .... I've done a birthday party there that I reserved space for (12 people). Probably depends on whom you talk to...

    2. not sure if they have it for lunch, but since you're going in a big group, whole fish on the specials menu is something you should take advantage of ordering as a group. It's not that you can't order it in smaller groups, it's just when you're in a smaller group, whole fish is too much to order anything else from the menu. My SO and I once ordered just fish between two of us (it was our plan) - it took some will power not to order any of our usual favorites.