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Jun 11, 2007 01:57 PM

Best fried chicken wings in San Diego?

My favorite are at Batter Up! in the Market Creek Plaza. They have a delicious crispy coating on the outside and are big meaty and juicy on the inside. Before this place opened up I use to go to Gulf Coast Grill for fried chicken wings but they changed the menu and stopped serving them.

Any other places in town with awesome fried chicken wings?

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  1. We like the ones at Good Time Charlies in PB. In fact, we like almost everything at Good Time Charlies. Great little neighborhood bar/restaurant. Not going to knock your socks off but solid affordable tasty food.

    1. They aren't the heavily battered kind, but the fried chicken wings at Ichiro in Convoy are amazing. The skin is shatteringly crisp and and the meat is moist and flavorful.

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      1. re: candicew

        Thanks for the tips! A question about Ichiro. I didn't see fried chicken wings on the menu on the website.
        Do I just ask for fried chicken wings?

        1. re: surfer1966

          It's listed under Appetizers as Tori Karaage ($3.50)

      2. for something a little different you might want to try the korean chicken at Da Kitchen in Scripps Ranch. They basically take their marinated teriyaki chicken, batter it up, and deep fry it. Its boneless thigh meat and they serve it with a mildly spicy dipping sauce, rice, and mac salad.

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        1. re: daimyo

          Wow! That sounds great! Next time I go to Miramar Lake I'll stop off there.

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            this place is so good. and that korean chicken is so good.

            1. re: clayfu

              my only complaint i have about the place is that they don't serve portuguese sausage. i'd love a side order with whatever i get. and i wish they didn't charge for kimchee, but i have that at home so i guess it doesn't matter.

              1. re: daimyo

                I stopped by Da Kitchen and gave the fried chicken a try. It was really good. Thanks!

          2. are you looking for a pub that has good wings or a place to sit down and have a meal?

            If you want to go on the cheap, I used to go to Aussie Pub in PB for the wings. They have 6 or so flavors, with 4 of them being a mild to crazy hot range, and then cajun, garlic, etc...
            The wings aren't huge or anything but Wednesdays I think they are 25 cents.

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            1. re: MrKrispy

              I'm not picky about the place. I'm just looking for great tasting fried chicken wings. Thanks for the tip about wing Wednesdays!

            2. For me the best wings outside of my back yard are at this great Japanese spot:
              Yakitori Yakyudori
              3739 6th Ave
              (between Evans Pl & Pennsylvania Ave)
              San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 692-4189