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Jun 11, 2007 01:54 PM

Montage Laguna or L'Auberge Carmel?

After searching the web Montage Laguna and L'Auberge Carmel seem like nice, relaxing places. But has anyone actually been there, and what about the food? Of course the websites say the food is delicious and award winning, but can I really trust them? Thanks!

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  1. I stayed at the Montage May 17th-20th. The hotel was excellent, the staff were completely attentive and extremely friendly. I found the food to be very good, though I did go into town most nights for dinner so I didn't eat at the fancy restaurant, but everything I did eat there was very good. The spa at the Montage was wonderful and I had an excellent massage.

    1. Yje food at the Montage is excellent and, as collim, says, there are also many other excellent options in the Laguna area. Never been to L'Auberge, so can't compare.

      1. I've not been to L'Auberge, but have been to Montage twice with great experiences both times. The restaurant is Studio, the chef is Jimmy Boyce, formerly of many places, but got his start at Leows Coronado. I had great meals both times- a world-class place.

        1. Had an anniversary dinner at Studio, Montage. Just spectacular! Definitely one of my TOP 5 of all time dining experiences. Food was spectacular, and service was impeccable. Price was $$$$$$$$, yet, if you have the means to splurge a little....I highly recommend. Important thing to remember is not to focus solely on the food.....Menu was:

          1/2 Dozen Oysters on the Half
          Prawns w/ Fettuccini
          Braised Short Ribs
          Seared Salmon
          Strawberry Shortcake
          Special Anniversary Dessert
          Bottle of Italian Vino (wine list was out of this world....ask the sommelier for suggestions!)

          *only tiny flaw was the short rib.....just a tad over seasoned, but still...some of the most tender short ribs ive ever had."