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Jun 11, 2007 01:47 PM

Cod and avocado?

Preparing to defrost the fridge. All items must be cooked. Any ideas for combining cod and avocado in a meal?


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    1. re: ceeceee

      I'd be leery of ceviche with frozen fish.

      But baked cod with a nice avocado and citrus salsa on top would be scrumptious.

      1. re: Pistou

        im not familiar with defrosting...i have vague memories of my mom doing it, but i feel like she emptied both freezer and fridge whilst doing so? i assumed the cod was fresh in the fridge.
        i never freeze my fish!

    2. I used to just pack everything into coolers when I defrosted, but that was a pretty small fridge...

      I like the avocado salsa idea, but I think I'd go more for a pico de gallo kind rather than citrus. And I think I'd pan-roast the fish instead of baking it, to get a nice crunchy crusty glaze on it. But it's awfully hard to do anything with cod that won't be good. Dang, I love that fish!

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      1. re: Will Owen

        Beggars can't be choosers. But I love the recommendations.

      2. Thaw very slowly. As you may know, it will likely be drier. Two uses: A spicy soup with the aforementioned salsa as a garnish, or a fish salad with the avocado in it on just on the sandwich/salad. For the soup some roasted corn is geat!

        1. What about a potato crusted cod with an avocado sauce?
          Puree the avocado with cream (or milk), some lime juice, hot sauce roasted garlic, salt and pepper.

          Or an avocado salsa over the fish.

          I'm also wondering about just simply pan-frying the cod, dredged in a little flour and spices, then thinly slicing the avocado and laying it over the top.

          Which makes me think of fish tacos. You could use that cod for fish tacos, and serve with guacamole, or a corn and avocado salsa, either on top or on the side.