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Jun 11, 2007 01:46 PM

heading to San Diego, where should I eat?

I'll be in SD next week for work. I did some initial research and found great reviews on El agave, Taka, and Parallel 33. Are these good places to try? Any others I must check out? I love sushi and really want to have Mexican one night - but good, modern Mexican or Latin fusion. Thanks in advance - Michelle

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The chef at Parallel 33 has left and a new chef was slated to take over. However, the last couple of times I've driven by in the last week it's look a little abandon. It probably isn't, but I'd call first to make sure they're still open, or not closed for renno pending the new chef.

      El Agave can be a little inconsistent but if you like mole, this is the place for you. Candelas downtown in the Gaslamp may also be an option for upscale Mexican. Latin and fusion are not two words you would frequently see put together in San Diego ;-)

      1. Sushi - in city of SD, Sushi Ota is by far the best, IMO, particularly if you sit at the sushi bar (make a reservation well in advance). In my opinion it blows Isakaya Sakura and Shirahama out of the water (Sakura is fantastic for other things though). I haven't been to the places people often recommend for North County.

        El Agave is good. A little expensive.

        Parallel 33 is completely overrated and mediocre, in my experience. Very showy and very flawed.

        1. Izakaya Sakura has excellent sushi and izakaya style dishes (think the Japanese version of tapas or dim sum). Sushi Ota is good, but you have to make reservations or prepare to wait. Sometimes their maitre'd can be a little snobby too. I like Izakaya's wait staff--low key, sometimes a bit slow (but that's part of the experience) and friendly.