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Jun 11, 2007 01:34 PM

Ninja deserves a good beating

The food was awful, 4 hours for dinner, and $150/pp (granted, with 5+ bottles of sake). I am never going back.

- We all arrived on time and asked to be seated, as previously discussed, for a surprise birthday. Fifteen minutes later, we were still waiting in the small lobby when the birthday boy appeared. So much for that surprise.
- After being seated at 9:20 or so in a private room for 12, the waiter first appeared to pour water at about 9:40. The first drinks arrived at around 10.
- Waiter pushed hard toward one of the $50/$70/$90 tasting menus to "ensure we are all eating at the same time"
- The crabcakes, featured as an option on most of the menus, was a lightly fried shell of mayo, as far as I could tell. The sweet and sour pork or whatever featured some of the fattiest (and not in a good way) meat I have eaten.
- In fairness, the wasabi steak was decent, though small
- Every new bottle of sake was immediately poured into every half full glass in sight - they were pushing hard to keep those bottles coming.
- My green tea ice cream had freezer burn

- And the ninja part was halfhearted at best. We were out for a birthday and expecting a little more (ie - any effort). Our server was a black-attired blonde guy who appeared every forty-five minutes or so to deposit bad food in front of the wrong people. The lame magic trick guy that showed up at about hour 3.5 didn't help. His "is this your first time here?" was met with quite a few "yeah, and our last time" by more than one of us.

- The decor was cool though.

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  1. Hate to ask but... did you have information which led you to believe that Ninja wouldn't be awful? I hadn't read one positive review of it... maybe a few ambivalent one, but no certainly no raves.

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      No, eyes were wide open. But I am always optimistic - maybe someone there will have decided to start trying... Not this time though.
      I was at least hoping it would be more kitschy and fun. Instead it was almost somber, despite a lot of drinks.