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Jun 11, 2007 01:29 PM

How to store pine nuts?

How should I store a lot of extra pine nuts? Costco today.

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  1. In a sealed bag in the freezer. They'll last just about forever. Or, in my house, til the end of the fresh basil/pesto-making season.

    1. I would only freeze if you feel you have too( if you think it will take more than three months to eat your nuts). I think it changes the quality of the nut. I feel the fridge is the best place, in an airtight container with most of the air out. Ideally i use my Cryovac machine and divide my costco size bag into three - but I almost never have time. The fridge extends the shelf life to months.....

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        I've always stored pine nuts in an airtight container or very tightly sealed plastic bag in one of the vegetable bins in the fridge. This is where I keep all of my nuts!

      2. I store them in the fridge. I usually use the foodsaver for about 1/2.

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