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Jun 11, 2007 01:18 PM

Honolulu - After-Wedding Lunch - Need Recommendations

I'm attending my sister-in-law's wedding in Honolulu on a Friday in July. My wife and I have been asked to find a restaurant for an after-wedding lunch at around 2:30pm. There will be 14 people; the bride's family is from Eastern Oregon, groom's family is from Japan. The parents of the bride are paying and hoping to find a nice place with lunch entrees $20 or less. I've come up with a couple options:

-The Pineapple Room
-Chais' Island Bistro
-Duc's Bistro

Any comments on the above restaurants or additional recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. All three would be very good, not sure about the price of lunch at The Pineapple Room. Duc's Bistro does have an agreement with the parking lot directy across the street, when you make reservations ask about it.

    Mariposa has become a local favorite for luncheons, while very busy at lunchtime, by 2:30 it should be much better. More casual than the other three. You might also want to check E&O Trading Co. at Ward Warehouse and 3660 on The Rise (Waialae Ave in Kaimuki).

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      Agreed - if Mariposa will make a resv for you on their patio, this would be by far the best choice - good food, great view & it will feel more private for you on the patio.

      With HNL traffic now, I'd go for whatever makes best sense geographically. Where is the wedding?

      1. re: torta basilica

        I agree on Mariposa. I posted yesterday or so I thought but it doesn't appear. They
        serve lunch until 3:00, the manager is David Brown and he is so gracious and can arrange what you want I am sure. It's over $20.00 but I love their lobster club!

        1. re: torta basilica

          The wedding is at the Liliuokalani Botanical Garden which according to is "Just north of Foster Garden and located between North Kuakini and School Streets"

          Thanks for your help.

          1. re: spzink

            That's north by the Punchbowl - back to Ala Moana & Mariposa isn't all that far. Just be warned - they'll have to walk through at least Neiman Marcus in their wedding clothes, this is not a stand alone restaurant. Don't see any problem with this & shoppers would probably love it, but just a heads up.

            1. re: torta basilica

              No, actually they could take the elevator right up into the restaurant that is
              off the door by the valet parking area. But who doesn't love seeing wedding attire? It's always fun!

              1. re: manomin

                I never knew about the elevator - might have saved me a whole lot of $$ enroute!!

                1. re: torta basilica

                  It's essential to have when the store is closed but the restaurant is open.
                  But how much more fun have you had enroute! As I said one of my
                  favorites is the lobster club, what do you eat there? I love it when they
                  sneak up an order of the tobacco onions for me now that they no longer
                  serve them upstairs -- only in the Mermaid Cafe.

            2. re: spzink

              Liliuokalani Gardens (which is more of a park with a very picturesque small waterfall). A friend of mine got married there, and it was a nice setting. Funny they say it is just north of Foster Botanic Garden... it is, but there is a freeway between the two.

              Duc's Bistro is on the Mauka edge of Chinatown, and while it would be the closest, it is still not walking distance. I really like the food there, my dad and I used to meet there for lunch a couple of times a month when we were both working downtown. Just verify if they are open that late for lunch.

              Chai's is at the Aloha Tower Marketplace, at the far end of Downtown from Duc's (all of what, say 8 blocks), valet parking is fact valet is all that is available. I've had several nice meals at Chai's. Thai inspired fusion cuisine.

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                chai's has da ono grindz =)

                seriously though, i haven't gone to the other places 'cept for chai's... and i really like that place.. good ambiance, great food. i dunno if it's in ur budget only 'cause it's kinda pricey.. but for lunch may be different, yeah?

                congrats =)

        2. Update on Mariposa...

          The wedding was lovely and we headed to Mariposa for lunch. Traffic was pretty bad, it took us about 45 minutes to get there from the park. The limo dropped us off at the elevator...thanks for the tip.

          The decor and the ambiance were just right for the occasion. We sat inside, but near the patio with a good ocean view.

          Everyone ordered the plantation tea which was very impressive with its layers of fruit juice and tea with fresh pineapple on the rim. The chicken broth was a nice touch but we were blown away by the popovers and whipped butter.

          We had to get our orders in by 3pm since the lunch service stops and they have a shift change but our server, Johnson K.C. Wong, was efficient without making us feel rushed and we managed to have our entree orders in on time.

          Everyone was very pleased with their entrees. The lobster club and the salmon salad were the standouts.

          We had made arrangements to have the wedding cake delivered and served. They charged a $2.50 plating fee per person, which seemed fair. Our server wheeled out the cake on a cart for the cake cutting ceremony and then took it back to the kitchen to be plated and served.

          We had coffee with our cake which I was surprised to find out was not Kona but a Neiman Marcus French Roast served at all company restaurants. Our server surprised me with a french press of 100% Kona on the house.

          Overall it was an excellent experience. I would highly recommend Mariposa to others. Thanks to all the members who gave recommendations. You were most helpful and we would not have ended up at Mariposa without the advice.


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          1. re: spzink

            thanks for letting us know how it went.

            1. re: spzink

              Delighted to hear that the event went well and everyone enjoyed Mariposa. I did note that the highly recommended (thanks to manomin!) lobster club was a stand out. What did you think of the 100% Kona? I find it a bit bitter and one-dimensional, but a local coffee purveyor says that it rates higher with men than women in blind tastes and overall lands in the middle of the pack. That may account for why it is not the "house" coffee at Mariposa.

              1. re: spzink

                Congratulations and I am delighted your experience was so positive and memorable!Johnson is one of my favorite servers there, he's funny, attentive and never misses a beat - his silver name tag is because he's won that store's employee of the year
                award. Even when not in his section he comes over to share his aloha & a laugh. I stand by the lobster club hands down! Everytime! The elevator can be a plus! Much aloha and I'm sure your memories are great!

                1. re: spzink

                  where did they get the cake from??? =)