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Jun 11, 2007 01:14 PM

Great Vietnamese near Sainte-Catherine/Peel?

Can anyone recommend a great Vietnamese restaurant in the area of Sainte-catherine and Peel?

Thanks -- looking forward to some yummy Vietnamese ;-)

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  1. I don't know of any near Ste. Catherine and Peel, but there are quite a few over on St. Laurent south of Rene Levesque. It's a little walk, but totally do-able. Give yourself 15-20 minutes for the walk. It's a dream on a nice day like today.

    Pho Bang has good pho (go figure). I plan to try a banh mi place in the next few days.

    1. There is the new pho place in the bastement on Metcalfe above deMaisonneuve underneath Cheap Thrills.

      1. The only "great" Vietnamese I've found in Montreal is annoyingly located at Cotes-des-neiges and Cote-St-Catherine: Pho Lien. Closer (though still not downtown) and yummy, but not quite as good, is Pho Lam on du Parc, just above Mont-Royal. In Chinatown, Pho Bang New York is the best one I've tried.

        1. I haven't found great vietnamese near Ste-Catherine and Peel but I found crap Vietnamese:

          Chez Thai on Stanley south of Ste-Catherine
          the Thai+Vietnamese restaurant on Metcalfe south of Ste-Catherine

          Chez Lien on Stanley south of Ste-Catherine is passable but it's not the best location for that chain.
          I'm told to try out Caravelle in the Place Ville Marie food court.

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            Wasn't there a pho joint in the basement food court at Cours Mont-Royal (which is essentially Peel and Ste Catherine)? I haven't been there in ages so wouldn't know if it's still there.

            1. re: andrewm

              There used to be one on the upper level of Cours then another opened down in the foodcourt but disappeared after TheGreatPurge&Revamp(both were subpar).Which reminds me of the combo Sukiyaki/Pho place in the foodcourt underneath Simons,also subpar.Caravelle,I only tried the small,sticky,soggy,expensive summer/salad rolls.

            2. re: marblebag

              Caravelle's perpetual "Special of the Day" is passable -- marinated pork, chicken, or beef with your choice of rice or vermicelli with a side salad of iceberg, carrots, and raw bean sprouts, a spring roll (or "imperial roll"), and your choice of drink.

              I found it surprisingly delicious if you get either the chicken or pork plus the vermicelli, then mix it all up (minus the spring roll) with some nuoc nam.