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Jun 11, 2007 12:57 PM

Sushi with an M in Santa Monica

Okay, so there is some amazing sushi place that somebody told me about in Santa begins with an M and its a Japanese name...has amazing tradition Japanese sushi...anyone know the restaurant that I am talking about?

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  1. Mori Sushi is in West LA (not in the city of Santa Monica). This place is my #1 choice in So Cal.

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    1. re: gomagoma

      I am not a fan of Mori, what do you typically order?

      1. re: lamesadrive

        Unless I am with more than 4 people, I sit at the bar and have his omakase. I've been a fan of his since before he opened Mori (they been open 6-7 years now), so I've had a lot of different dishes from him.

        What is it that made you a non-Mori fan? I've been fortunate to learn and see where he gets his fish, rice and other ingredients, so I have no complaints.

        1. re: gomagoma

          Went a few years ago, and maybe it did not live up to the buildup. Thought many things were good (small cooked dishes, tofu, etc) - but the fish did not rival other places. I let him choose. Maybe I should try it again.

    2. Are you thinking of Musha?

        1. The name is longer...and i think there is a z and an i in it...

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          1. re: kbo516

            OK.....then....none of these start with an "M" and do not necessarily fit the "amazing traditional Japanese sushi" description, but here it goes (others pls feel free to add the ones I missed):

            In/around Santa Monica -
            Takao (Brentwood)
            Shima (Abbot Kinney)
            Wabi Sabi (Abbot Kinney)
            Sushi Roku
            Nobu (Malibu)
            oh and pls don't tell me you're talking about Sasabune or Echigo. That is not "amazing traditional Japanese sushi" period. Again, the only one that comes to mind is Mori in West LA, but I could be wrong (or an "N" which could be Nishimura, but that's off Melrose not in SM). Mako? Urasawa? Azami? None of these are in SM, though. Good luck finding out where this place is!

            1. re: gomagoma

              Not in Santa Monica, and I wouldn't call it amazing or traditional but could your friend mean Matsuhisa?

          2. None of those...I'll figure it out...BUT the BEST sushi in LA is Sushi Park in West hollywood...everyone should try irt- its absolutely the best.

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            1. re: kbo516

              Well, let us know when you find out. You've piqued my curiosity!