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Jun 11, 2007 12:54 PM

Nice Dinner in Atlanta for 4 Women

Hey! Any suggestions on a good place to go to dinner with four women? I guess we'd want to be able to talk some...that's why I specified "women." Sort of a girls' night out. I was thinking Bacchanalia, but am unfamiliar with Atlanta restaurants. Thanks!

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  1. Restaurant Eugene, Floataway Cafe, Bacchanalia, Woodfire Grill are all great in my opinion. Be sure to share, it is so good! Enjoy and let us know how the evening went.

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      Baccanalia is great - but be sure to call early. Most reservations fill on the day they are released (used to be 30 days in advance but may have changed.). Lots of great places to try.

      Have fun!

    2. What kind of food do you like? So many different places to choose from!

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        I looked at Woodfire and am leaning towards that...simply because I like the slow food approach and changing menu + simply prepared ingredients. I get tired of these overly fancy places, though certainly enjoy going when I do go. To answer your question, I like ANYTHING though since one woman I don't know well, I was opting for more familiar flavors.

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          If you want a restaurant that isn't overly fancy and costly, avoid Bacchanalia. You may enjoy The Real Chow's right up the street from Bacchanalia on Howell Mill Rd. It's a mongolian grill, which fits your desire for changing ingredients and simple foods. Then there is also Figo's (great pasta), which is in the same parking lot as Bacchanalia. AND these are both quite affordable.

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            The only problem is that Chow Baby is loud. I would suggest somewhere like Anis, Mosaic, etc (all in that little Buckhead neighborhood by E Paces Ferry) that are cute little restaurants in renovated houses. Charming, good food, good atmosphere.

      2. Babette's is delightful, and not as pricey as some others rec'd here.

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          I've never been to Babette's, however my aunt loves to go there with her friend when they want a girls night out.
          What about Paul's in Peachtree Hills? Their menu has differnt types of food that would make it easy to satisfy everyone's tastes.

        2. This is an exact copy of a post I made about 6 months ago:

          The Dining Room there at the Ritz is absolutely stellar... but so are the prices (bring some dress-up clothes if you choose this place)! Bone's is nearby. It's a traditional steakhouse with lots of old men in jeans and polo shirts, but the quality is unmatched. Woodfire Grill is a great "Californian" cuisine with lots of focus on local, seasonal ingredients - not too far from your hotel - definitely a quick taxi ride. Kyma (more or less across the street from Bone's) is a fantastic Greek based restaurant - lots of seafood. Restaurant Eugene is a GREAT place a bit south of your hotel. It's one of the better restaurants in the city and is getting better everyday. It's not exactly cheap, but good.

          If you're up for a GREAT sandwich - and I mean great - try The New Yorker Deli. Good lunch spot and relatively close.