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Hello Everyone! I am happy I found this site! I am a “foody” would you say? I love restaurants, food, and drinks. Though I live in Aventura and have tried the major restaurants (Chef Allens, Prezzo, Kampai, Fuji Hana, the ones in Aventura Mall, Pepermill, Q, Archies Pizza, Houstons, and the major ones, geez...is there anything or anyplace you know about near Aventura that may be a hidden gem? I have this ongoing competition with my husband, whoever finds the "best next thing" meaning a local restaurant we have never tried. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oh yes....hop a few blocks over to Miami Gardens drive and go west....there are 2 near Dixie Highway....The Fish Joynt and Migliore's....I think they are next door to each other and they are both great.

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      Yakko San - just N of 163rd St. on W. Dixie Hwy - outstanding Japanese tapas

      Oishi - Biscayne Commons, 148th & Biscayne - Thai/Sushi place, I've never tried the Thai but the sushi chef is a Nobu alum who duplicates many of the dishes (well)

      Timo - 176th & Collins - excellent, Mediterranean-influenced dishes, great cooking, great staff, menu changes often. One of my favorite places in town.

      Cheen Huaye - just S of 163rd St. on Biscayne - interesting Yucatanean Mexican place in one of the new strip malls along this stretch. There's a lime-chicken soup here that is just ethereal. Pretty good cochinita pibil too.

      Only slightly out of Aventura territory:

      Gourmet Diner - around 135th & Biscayne - don't be fooled by the classic diner exterior (and interior, for that matter). This place does classic French bistro-style food, and well. Onion soup is excellent, roast duck is great, all the steaks are good, several fish & seafood choices, but the standout for me is the vegetable souffle (the choice of veg varies) that comes as an accompaniment to most of the entrees.

      North 110 - funky little spot at 110th & Biscayne, "New American" style food.

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        Wow! Went to Timo last night and let me tell you, it was amazing. A little bit of reporting...here I go:
        My husband and I arrived at 6 PM, it was still empty so we got to sit at any table we wanted-we chose a booth. Very comfy and perfect. Immediately they brought us the menus and some bread. We then ordered a bottle of the Gewürztraminer (the 58$ one) which was perfectly chilled, and as an appetizer we had one of the Pizzas. My husband is a VERY picky eater so seeing we could change things around, we ordered the Porcini, Italian sausage and Fontina pizza, but changed the Porcini for Prosciutto and oh my god! Heaven in a dough. For dinner my husband ordered the short rib of beef, came with potatoes with some cheese and he said it was a delight. I ordered the Sea Bass and it was splendid! It came on a bed of tomatoes, clams, olives, and capers. It was tasty! I was sad to see that in the dessert menu there was a great selection of cheeses, i love cheese but I was already feeling the sweet tooth. We ordered a port to accompany our desserts that were very good as well. My husband ordered the chocolate cake with a warm center and it came with banana ice cream and caramel I believe, and I ordered the Apple strudel with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. I must say that my husband's dessert looked better than mine, the apple strudel was not my favorite, it was a bit dry and the fruit as well, Maybe next time ill go for the Chocolate soufflé (almost got that one, geez!). Ok, well I must say it is worth going. I will return for sure very soon and to a tapas afternoon! It is def a great place to order some cheeses, couple of white pizzas, and some wine. Delish!

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          There is a great Pita place in the same plaza as Chef Allen's, pretty much exactly across the parking lot. I can't remember the name at the moment, but it is a small back door on the parking lot side, with a pink overhang. I think we were the only non-Israeli's in the place. The food was great.


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          Has anyone been to Pilar at the Promenade shops? I went a couple of times when they opened (like 4 years ago) and found it very good, but then had a bad meal and never went back. Is it worth giving it another chance?

        3. I love Laurenzo's; mostly for the cannoli and other baked goods, though their meats looked awesome and I'm told they have great sandwiches.

          1. Ivy near the Lohemans plaza has good food!

            1. Sang's on 163rd and NE 19th Ave. for dim sum. Better than Jumbo in my opinion. Eddie Hill's on US 1 just north of Hallandale Beach Blvd for Thai Japanese. I love everything I have tried on their menu. Sushi House on Biscayne and about 158th. Bissaleh Cafe right next to Timo for kosher Yemenite food. Their lafa (bread} is to die for. Kebab Cafe in the RK center on Collins and about 180th for Ukranian food. Love their blinis. Il Picolo and Casa Mia on 123rd St. east of Biscayne for Italian. Scorch on US 1 and 136th for very good grilled meats. If you have a yen for hot dogs, burgers, and fries, Woody's on Biscayne and around 127th is an old fashioned joint. Nothing fancy, cheap and the real McCoy. Higher end food has already been mentioned by other posters.

              1. Wow thank you so much for all the replys. I have tried Scorch like a year ago really, they were good then I dont know now. Have any of you been to Hallandale Beach's boardwalk? I see that there are lots of bars and little restaurants, are there any worth doing the walk?

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                  Sage deli for Bagels
                  Sang's for Chinese

                2. There is a small french bakery called Rendevous on Biscayne and 170th. During the summer they are only open for breakfast and lunch. The food is excellent. During the season they will be open for dinner. They have the best french onion soup. Better than anywhere I've had it including New Orleans and France.

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                    Just finished having dinner at Timo...It is great. Also try Aria at the Aqualina Hotel. Tried to get in this evening but they were full. It's another wonderful restaurant in Sunny Isles. As more of the condos are opening we are looking for more good restaurants open on Collins, not chain restaurants.

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                      We had dinner at Timo 2 nights ago -- lovely meal, although a bit pricey for the children ($9 for a kid portion of absolutely plain unembellished spaghetti?...) I ordered the tasting menu, which was a delicious crab ravioli, warm mushroom and spinach salad, perfect mustard and panko lamb chops, and a mini souffle with warm vanilla-rum sauce which my children promptly snatched and devoured! My husband enjoyed his pasta and scallops, and my children loved the pizzas (and the overpriced plain pasta worked for my son with severe food allergies -- the server was conscientous about checking that nothing was added to the pasta).

                      We had take-out falafel from Bissaleh for lunch today -- yummy, and great yogurt sauce! We went back to Yakko San for dinner last night (actually skipped Jaguar in Coconut Grove in order to do so) -- another terrific meal, although I did not care for the black pork belly. The jalapeno hamachi was fantastic, with clear fresh flavors. That may well be my favorite restaurant in recent memory...

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                        Went to Timo for the first time last night with friends ...started with the black and white pizza with mushroom ricotta and truffle..it was amazing..perfect thiness of the crust and perfect amount of saltines of cheese and truffliness...the waiter brought us complimentary butternutsquash with a hint of ricotta raviolis with walnuts and sage and browned butter..they were delic...and a nice surprise..we had the seabass with truffled polenta(which unfortunatly was cold and lacking salt, but could have been amazing if it wasnt ) and fish was good in chooped tomatoes and mushrooms..mushroom risoto side with amazing...gnnochi side with walnuts and sage browned butter was good but after the butternutsquash raviolis was in same sauce and sweetness of butternut squash made the dish shine and made gnochi not(but they were still good just not amazing after the other dish)..we got three desserts which were again sent on the house and were great...warm apple strudel with caramal sauce..a delic choclate souffle with banana dulce de leche icecream,, and fruits with a creamy sweet zabligone sauce..anyway all and all it was amazingg..great service..great food..great!(ps dont mind my spelling errors) Hope this is helpful

                  2. I just ate at Bourbon Steak at the Turnberry Hotel. Excellent Spot. Steaks are very tasty. They also serve a trio of very interestingly spiced french fries...paprika, truffel, and herbs. Great decor, great ambience. Worth it. Also love Timos.