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Jun 11, 2007 12:33 PM

Marina Farmers Market?

There used to be one at Fillmore & Chestnut on Saturdays. Any idea if it's coming back? If not, any other suggestions nearby? I know the Ferry Building has a huge one, but I loved being able to walk over to Fillmore/Chestnut on Saturday mornings for coffee, pastry and something tasty to put on the menu for dinner.

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  1. To say it's in flux is an understatement. Sounds like it's not coming back on Saturdays -- I watched a board of supes meeting the other day with lots of back and forth from the community about when/where to have it.

    If you're looking for a Saturday market that's not the FPFM in San Francisco, your choices that I know of are the Fillmore market, the Park Merced market, and the Noe Valley market.

    Fillmore Farmers' Market:

    1. There has been a continuing spat between promoters of the market on Saturdays Fillmore and Chestnut and those favoring a return of Tuesdays on Steiner between Chestnut and Lombard. The last I heard, the Tuesday group may have won their case and there may be a 10:00am-4:00pm market on Steiner beginning early July. Let's hope something can get going before the season ends! I miss having a local market.

      1. I think there was just something about it in the latest issue of the marina times? i'll try to find out for sure..

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