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Jun 11, 2007 12:32 PM

Al Pastor...where is the best?

Ok, I am a little late to the Al pastor party. Where have I been? I have a new obsession....

I was at one my favorite Mexican Restaurants in the Valley: Dos Arbuletos and in a adventurous mood I ordered 4 Al Pastor tacos... my goodness that is some good eatin'! The only other time I had Al pastor was at Carnitas Loya in Arleta. At CL their pastor was more finely ground and almost a spread of pork and spices, however at DA it was chopped carnitas drenched in a delicious marinade... I like them both. So hounds lead me to some more great Al Pastor in the SFV area ...well heck I'm a true hound, I drive for the good stuff!

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  1. I'm also a fan of Tacos Al Pastor, you will have a very hard time finding a spot that carves it right off the spit-in my opinion this is the best way to enjoy a taco al pastor. When I visit Tijuana these tacos are my first stop. Now for the Valley the 2 closest spots that are tasty I would suggest woule be:

    Fast Taco in Chatsworth on Desoto
    Casita Taco in North Hollywood on Magnolia

    Hope this helps,


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      Thanx Stuart I will give Fast Taco a try today... wow, I can't imagine having it carved right off the spit , maybe in East LA?

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        Yes, and apparently per the taco gurus here, the good stuff will also have a roasting pineapple on that spit, dripping rivulets of sweet tang down upon the roasting meat. You get a shaving of the pineapple along with the tender meat flesh. Mmm...

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          Carnitas Michoacan downtown serves al pastor from a rotating spit.

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            I second the al pastor at Carnitas Michaocan, the location north of Chinatown on North Broadway and 19th. Very informal place -- order at one window, pick up at another, eat on a large covered patio. Everything there is good, cheap, and generous, but the real gem is their dark salsa roja -- brick-red brown, thin, smoky, spicy, complex, delicious and perfect. Their al pastor is carved from a rotisserie spit, but unfortunately it is often served from a warming pan, especially if the meat on the spit is not sufficiently caramelized and ready. I sometimes specify that I want mine fresh-cut and I'm willing to wait, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

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              I recently picked up a burrito there on the way to the Dodger game and was pretty disappointed with the amount of fat in my burrito. Now, I realize that pork fat is a good thing to most, but some of it was gristly and the fat seemed to outweigh the non-fatty pieces of meat. My son had carne asada; I found that I enjoyed that so much more which is unusual as I much prefer pastor when given the choice.

              As it was my first visit there, I'm wondering if this is usual and that perhaps the problem is with me - I don't tend to be much of a fan of meat fat.

              1. re: nosh

                I do need to add that everything else we ordered was fantastic. The roja is out of this world.

        2. The busier ELA King Taco locations usually have very good al pastor, it is always fresh from all their turnover which makes a huge difference. Most places in town tend to keep one batch around all day and will have an old and dry reheated taste. Right now my favorite though is Tacos El Gallito truck in Harbor City. Not too greasy and fresh tasting.

          1. there's a great little taco table on vermont near pico where they carve the stuff right off the spit. i'd say that and el taurino are most excellent.

            1. El Taurino and Sergio’s in East L.A are favorites. Carnitas Michocoan also is excellent.


              1. La Taquiza on Figueroa near USC
                El Gran Burrito Vermont & Santa Monica

                Las Costas de Guerrero Great al Pasto, Mulitas, salsa & homemade Horchata
                "Ricas Taquizas"
                Taco Truck on Valley Blvd. east of Turnball Cyn. 1 or 2 blocks south side of street

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                  Las Costas de Guerro has a spit for the Al Pastor.