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Jun 11, 2007 12:29 PM

Flatbush Farms - Review

My partner and I made it out to Flatbush Farm on Saturday for dinner with friends who live in Prospect Heights. Here is my brief review. The food was well executed but the service and menu were lacking.

Ambience - I really like the feel of the room, appropriate lighting, it achieved a nice clean look without going mod. It reminded me of photos in an article I read recently about Fergus Henderson of St.John restaurant in London - but Farm seemed warmer. The garden in back was divine.

Service - Our server was competent, but I thought he was a little cold and judgmental. One of the members of our party asked for something to be left off of his dish and the server looked appalled. Get over it dude - it was a freaking French Dip sandwich - in my opinion the worst plate of the meal.

Wine - they have a nice little wine list that has very typical prices - we ordered a good Barbera d'Alba

Food - The menu and the specials needs an update for lighter spring food.

For example the special appetizers were frisee salads - one was with warm chicken livers and the other was with pork belly. To give them credit they did have a watermelon gazpacho as an appetizer special as well. I split the frisee pork belly salad with one of my friends, and my SO split another salad off the menu with our other friend. Our salad was well prepared - I mean who can't say no to pork belly? I actually liked the other salad better - it was served with a large piece of toast slathered with a wonderful duck mousse style pate.

Entrees - There were not alot of lighter spring choices on the menu for main courses either. The only fish was the fish of the day - Salmon. We ended up with two French Dip sandwiches, one salmon special, and I ordered the Cast Iron Chicken. To his credit the server warned us in advance that the chicken takes longer to cook. The chicken was the best dish it was served over greens and grits. Being a southerner - I do like my grits. The chicken was perfect - crispy skin moist interior. The greens had an appropriate amount of vinegar to provide some acid and the grits were fairly creamy without losing their texture. The salmon was pretty good as well and the French Dips were passable - but just ok.

Dessert - They had a special chocolate desert that we ordered to share and we ordered a strawberry shortcake. Both were good. The shortcake was a little too small, but on the side they served meringe slices toped with strawberries which I really enjoyed. The chocolate desert special was very good as well.

Overall I was hoping for a fresh spring menu and was disappointed. Maybe I set my expectations too high - but with a name like Flatbush Farm they are asking for those kind of expectations. They food was good but not great.

Next time in the neigborhood we will try some place else. Any suggestions?

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  1. yeah, from what i can tell, flatbush farm had some momentum going sometime last year but that quickly fell apart. my food there was barely ok and with the service being so mediocre and with the other choices in the area, its hard to convince me to take another shot on them.

    id suggest beast on st. marks and vanderbilt (i think). i havent been there in a few months but its a nice place...great long bar, good drinks, very good, sometimes great small plates...sort of bigger than tapas...youll need to buy maybe 3 plates per two people to be full...maybe 4. prices are very reasonable.

    1. I was a Bistro St. Marks fan, and therefore felt a bit prejudiced against this newcomer but I tried it anyway with some friends. I was impressed they had a French dip on the menu, but they were out on the night I was there so got the cast iron chicken. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I hate ordering chicken in restaurant because it is so boring but I was thrilled with this meal.

      I have a few favorable points to make about this place:
      1. I feel like it's priced a little lower than similar places like Stone Park, and therefore more accessible for casual meal.
      2. That backyard is fabulous, sheltered from the elements and street noise, but I think it provides a disincentive to fill up the dining room, which I think is a design improvement over stodgier Bistro St. Marks.
      3. They have a monthly BBQ party with Six Point beers.

      I found the service a bit slow, but not personally a problem when you are chillin' on a nice spring night in that beautiful backyard. I have to say that the biggest thing that bothers me about the place is that they don't have a burger on their menu! It just seems weird to serve great tap beers without a burger. If they fixed that, I would be a regular.

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      1. re: Mandymac

        they have a great burger on the bar menu!

        1. re: anita_cocktail

          I've had a good meal there, but hasn't the chef changed recently? Think he went to Nelson Blue.

        2. re: Mandymac

          I think they could come down a little on's not memorable enough to be a destination and not reasonable enough to be a neighborhood restaurant. Plus wine served in a juice glass just isn't as good as wine served in stemware.