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Anyone Tried the Churro Milkshake at the Counter

I read about it on some L.A. Blog last week and I can't get it out of my HEAD!!! Please tell me it's the most vile thing on the planet... I am not a fan of the Counter's burgers... but I MUST have this milkshake!!



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  1. It sounds... odd.

    I hate to say all I could think of was a regurgitated churro someone yakked up after drinking a big amount of milk or Horchata.


    Probably delicious, but that image may help put you off.

    1. Why does that sound unbelievably good to me?! I love churros... love milkshakes. Whew.... yeah I'm with you.... this will be my next assignment.

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      1. re: snooze button

        Ah ha!! Someone who understands... I don't go wild over many sweets... but for some reason... this just has Dommy written all over it...


      2. I don't know how the churro can be thinned out enough so that you can actually drink this from a straw?!

        Kind of reminds of another chowhound's quest to combine twinkles with milk shake (with not very good results).

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          1. re: notmartha

            I can imagine they might use a special 'paste' or a very finely processed churro. They do okay with their apple pie milkshake (Which is also just HEAVENLY!) with just enough ice cream and just enough apple and graham cracker crust bits to fit in a straw and still be just a wonderful surprise...


            1. re: Dommy

              Dommy, That's not fair! You guys have SEEN my epic search for the perfect Dutch apple pie and milkshake, now you tell me there's a magical place that combines the two?!?!

              Truly, there are miracles on this earth.

              For my figure, though, I'm better off not knowing about them!

            2. re: notmartha

              Twinkie milkshake ... that was me.

              And, yeah, not a very good combo.

              Churros might be better though, none of that fake creamy filling you find in a Twinkie.

            3. It's not a churro paste, it's a real, live churro. The chunks were pea-sized to quarter-sized, and no, they don't go through the straw. But you do get this really amazing blend of vanilla and cinnamon. Then you can eat the frozen pieces of churro on their own. I was surprised it was so good, actually, and I think I'll have to go back for another one.
              Here's the blog post: http://www.losanjealous.com/2007/06/0...

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              1. re: secretknock

                Thanks! I'll be there Friday! Wheee!!!! :D


                1. re: Dommy

                  lol! Looks like this shake might be a winner afterall. =D

                2. re: secretknock

                  If they don't sell it anymore I think a poor man's version can be had by just stopping at Costco's food stand. I had churros with the soft serve vanilla ice cream a couple of times. Never occurred to me to tear pieces of the churros and dump them in the ice cream, but I would think that's similiar effect.

                  1. re: notmartha

                    Ooh, good idea! Only thing is, the churro you get at Costco is warm, and the churro mixed in with the milkshake is nearly frozen. The Costco version would be like a warm brownie sundae. I'm going to have to try this.

                3. I am guessing it is churro FLAVORED milkshake, just like pumpkin pie milkshake which does not have mushed pumpkin pie in it

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                  1. re: miffy

                    No, per the Counter's menu, it is actually made with chunks of churros.

                    Excerpt below:

                    "CHURRO MILKSHAKE
                    Vanilla Ice Cream Mixed with Real Chunks of Cinnamon Sugar Churros and Topped with Whipped Cream."

                  2. I may just need to goto the Counter and get a churro milkshake to go and then goto Literati II and have the chocolate covered churros.

                    1. I just got back from a lunch at the Counter where the sole purpose was to experience the churro milkshake. I have to say it was anticlimactic. Sure, it tasted fine, but I expected more with all the hype. It was just a cinnamony milkshake with some texture. Not worth a trek if you're not local. A plus...no problem with straw stoppage because there weren't that many churro bits. A minus...I'm feeling sick to my stomach because it was so rich.

                      1. Okay... I just got back... and Holy Oprah Batman! It was crowded!!!

                        But I was a mission so I waited... and waited.. and waited... until we got a table (BTW, the 'counter' stalking there is as scary as at F.O.!).

                        Now, my main dilemma in this had nothing to do about the shake... but had everything to do about the Counter! My last visit there was anything but stellar. The timing was off, burgers over done... no matter what combo you tried, it just didn't 'work'... I dunno... I was struggling on what to order when I got there all day...

                        At first, I thought I'd might try their 'Burger of the Month" (Yes, they are milking this thing for all its worth), which is a Mahi Mahi burger with Asian Spices and Pineapple... But then, I realized that'd probably be foul with the Churro Milkshake... So instead I concentrated and poured over the menu...

                        Burger: Beef... I HATE turkey, Veggie bugers are too mushy and I don't like Chicken Breast Sammiches....

                        Size: 1/3lb. The 2/3lb is just too big and the beefiness of it distracts from the toppings! The 1lb option is really just a joke for those "burger in a bowl" people...

                        Doneness: Rare!! The Counter has been NITORIOUS for messing up doneness... I figured going Rare might offer me some insurance (although I do love a rare burger...)

                        Toppings: Grilled Onions and Jalapenos... Yes, just two... you can choose up to four, but I think this is where people go wrong and get stuff that does not go together or competes with each other... I like my burgers with grilled onions... I like it spicy... I knew I'd be happy with this combo

                        Extra ($1): Homemade Guac... I figured this would be a good spread on the Jalapeno side. Plus, Whole Avocados just end up mashed up anyways, so I thought this might make the burger less messy and more flavorful...

                        Spread: Sundried Tomato Vinegrette... I like tomatoes... but didn't want to mess up the 'zen' of the burgerr, so I thought this might give it the flavor without adding to the topping madness... This would go on the Onion side of the burger

                        Bun: Honey Wheat... Gotta pretend I'm doing something 'healthy' tonight

                        We also ordered a side of 1/2 onion strings and 1/2 sweet potato fries...

                        First came out the fries/rings. This was major complaint last time because they were such a skimpy portion and it got cold or eatten up before the burger arrived... Well, they listened to the complaints because now they are served in those HUGE burger in a bowl bowls... You get a TON of each and because of its shape and the bowl itself is HOT, the fries stay warm all the way through the meal!! They sweet potato fries were EXCELLENT (I still like FO's better... but these weren't far behind) and the onion strings were also really good...

                        Then came the burger... I cut it in half and was so happy to see SO much pink!! It was indeed cooked up RARE! *rawr!!!*. The size again was just perfect and the topping where generous and it honestly was one of the BEST burgers I've had... There must have been a change in the kitchen as well me hitting the magic combo.... but that burger is one I will not forget for a while...

                        And of course... my reason for being... The Churro Milkshake. At first I was kind dispointed at how thin it was... but then I took the first slurp and I was... IN LOVE... It was exactly how imagined it... Vanilla with a BLAST of cinnamon, this undertone of fried dough. It was FULL of Churro bits too... I honestly didn't like these as much as I thought. P. called it Churro bits in milk... but Man... I loved that shake... It was worth the wait with the hipsters... totally...

                        Anyway, early tomorrow morning I'm on vacation. This is the last L.A. meal I'm going to have for a while... And when I come back... I can't wait to see what July's milkshake of the month is...


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                        1. re: Dommy

                          You are sooooo mean to write this report that is so very yummy and makes me hungry when I have got to be reasonably healthythis weekend and now am reduced to run on sentences out of sheer hunger and jealousy!

                          1. re: Dommy

                            I have been looking forward to your review... and it was awe.......some. Can't wait for my mission to be completed tomorrow night. =D

                            1. re: Dommy

                              So where the churro bits soggy? I just can't imagine it! I love the idea of horchata milkshake, but churro??? I'm going to have to go and check it out myself!

                              1. re: Dommy

                                Wow, that sounds awesome. I'm definitely gonna head over to try the churro milkeshake before it's too late. I doubt I'll be disappointed ... I'm easy to please when it comes to anything milkshake, or churro for that matter.

                                Speaking of milkshakes, my wife and I have becomes obsessed with the Cookies & Cream milkshake at Milk on Beverly. Favorite one in the city right now ... try it!

                                1. re: Dommy

                                  I almost wholeheartedly agree with your review of the churro milkshake. Ever since your original post, I've been obsessing over it. Dreaming of it at night. Asking people to come with me the westside to get one. Drawing churros in cups while in sales meetings.

                                  And I finally had one today.

                                  It was good. Damn good. The cinnamon mixed in with the shake reinded me of, well, drinking a churro. It was a little thin too - I usually prefer my shakes thick - but when I dipped my spoon in the cup and picked up a huge chunk of churro, my eyes lit up. I ate the chunk, which was surprisingly not soggy at all and a little warm in the core. Heaven.

                                  I usually wait a couple years in between Disneyland visits too eat churros, and this will tide me over till that time comes.

                                  1. re: oddlymoving

                                    This shake rocked my world... it's so simple and tasty. My favorite part was opening up the lid when I couldn't drink off the straw anymore... I had ordered it to go... and seeing all those chunks of churro at the bottom.... did I devour them shamelessly? You betcha.

                                2. I went to the Counter the other day. I loved the place. I saw this but had no interest in trying it.

                                  1. i see that the churro milkshake is back at the counter...
                                    p.s. has anyone tried the veggie burger there?

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                                    1. re: pfoods

                                      That's a great question... I'd like to know as well. On a side note, I tried the Garden Burger at Astro Burger in Montebello. I asked for the dressing on the side so I can dip it.... it wasn't bad at all. Oh, and you have a choice of ordering it on a wheat bun.

                                      1. re: pfoods

                                        their veggie burger is one of those things that you either love or you hate--there seems to be no middle ground.
                                        i LOVE it.
                                        this is not a patty of faux meat.
                                        it is a patty made up of beans, grains, vegetables.
                                        it does not have the rubbery 'hang-together' that you see in the faux meat burgers like boca or garden burger.
                                        it tastes like it's ingredients.
                                        the toppings that i like on their veggie burger are; blue cheese (they use a high quality cheese), roasted red peppers, and lettuce mix. i usually get their apricot sauce on the side. and a honey wheat bun toasted with no butter (the cheese is rich enough).

                                        it seems like most of the folks on this board that are fans of the counter opt for the blue cheese as a topping.

                                        fwiw, i've had the vanilla shake there, and it seems like their 'secret' is that they actually use a decent quality ice cream to make their shakes.

                                        1. re: westsidegal

                                          Agree the blue cheese is totally key at the Counter. Their meat is consistently under seasoned but the blue cheese adds a saltiness that makes it better. It's still not an amazing burger, I don't think, but the blue cheese definitely makes it better.

                                          1. re: mollyomormon

                                            I actually enjoyed my burger at Counter, but I do remember opting for the blue cheese. I also remember a tasty onion marmalade, which helped the burger as well. That said, I haven't rushed to go back, though I would like to try their turkey burger.

                                          2. re: westsidegal

                                            no nuts in the veggie burger? That would be nice!

                                            1. re: Diana

                                              i'm not positive about that diana, i just didn't taste them. . . .

                                            2. re: westsidegal

                                              I thought the veggie burger was pretty good. I had the blue cheese on it, which I loved, though I think it would go much better with the beef burger. Will have to try that next time.

                                              Churro shake was better than expected -- tasted mostly of cinnamon, but elevated. Not sure if that was the actual churro infusing the shake or not. The churro bits remained somewhat hard in the bottom of the cup...

                                            3. re: pfoods

                                              sounds good - i like the bean, grain, and vegetable type of veggie burger.

                                              i've always heard that Astro burger had a lot of vegetarian options but have never been.

                                              i will have to try both.

                                              also on a side note... the salad burger at Orean the Health Express in Pasadena is a good fast food veggie burger.

                                              1. re: pfoods

                                                Pfood, have you tried the Houston's veggie burger? It's homemade and what you described.

                                            4. If its anything like their burgers, is it extremely overpriced and unsatisying?