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Jun 11, 2007 11:39 AM

Anyone Tried the Churro Milkshake at the Counter

I read about it on some L.A. Blog last week and I can't get it out of my HEAD!!! Please tell me it's the most vile thing on the planet... I am not a fan of the Counter's burgers... but I MUST have this milkshake!!


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  1. It sounds... odd.

    I hate to say all I could think of was a regurgitated churro someone yakked up after drinking a big amount of milk or Horchata.


    Probably delicious, but that image may help put you off.

    1. Why does that sound unbelievably good to me?! I love churros... love milkshakes. Whew.... yeah I'm with you.... this will be my next assignment.

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      1. re: snooze button

        Ah ha!! Someone who understands... I don't go wild over many sweets... but for some reason... this just has Dommy written all over it...


      2. I don't know how the churro can be thinned out enough so that you can actually drink this from a straw?!

        Kind of reminds of another chowhound's quest to combine twinkles with milk shake (with not very good results).

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          1. re: notmartha

            I can imagine they might use a special 'paste' or a very finely processed churro. They do okay with their apple pie milkshake (Which is also just HEAVENLY!) with just enough ice cream and just enough apple and graham cracker crust bits to fit in a straw and still be just a wonderful surprise...


            1. re: Dommy

              Dommy, That's not fair! You guys have SEEN my epic search for the perfect Dutch apple pie and milkshake, now you tell me there's a magical place that combines the two?!?!

              Truly, there are miracles on this earth.

              For my figure, though, I'm better off not knowing about them!

            2. re: notmartha

              Twinkie milkshake ... that was me.

              And, yeah, not a very good combo.

              Churros might be better though, none of that fake creamy filling you find in a Twinkie.

            3. It's not a churro paste, it's a real, live churro. The chunks were pea-sized to quarter-sized, and no, they don't go through the straw. But you do get this really amazing blend of vanilla and cinnamon. Then you can eat the frozen pieces of churro on their own. I was surprised it was so good, actually, and I think I'll have to go back for another one.
              Here's the blog post:

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              1. re: secretknock

                Thanks! I'll be there Friday! Wheee!!!! :D


                1. re: Dommy

                  lol! Looks like this shake might be a winner afterall. =D

                2. re: secretknock

                  If they don't sell it anymore I think a poor man's version can be had by just stopping at Costco's food stand. I had churros with the soft serve vanilla ice cream a couple of times. Never occurred to me to tear pieces of the churros and dump them in the ice cream, but I would think that's similiar effect.

                  1. re: notmartha

                    Ooh, good idea! Only thing is, the churro you get at Costco is warm, and the churro mixed in with the milkshake is nearly frozen. The Costco version would be like a warm brownie sundae. I'm going to have to try this.

                3. I am guessing it is churro FLAVORED milkshake, just like pumpkin pie milkshake which does not have mushed pumpkin pie in it

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                  1. re: miffy

                    No, per the Counter's menu, it is actually made with chunks of churros.

                    Excerpt below:

                    "CHURRO MILKSHAKE
                    Vanilla Ice Cream Mixed with Real Chunks of Cinnamon Sugar Churros and Topped with Whipped Cream."