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Jun 11, 2007 11:28 AM

Where do you eat in the Seaside Heights area?

Yesterday, before having such a fabulous dinner at Shipwreck in Brielle, we took a drive through Seaside Heights. One would think after 20 years, this town would at least have cleaned up a little. Sorry, but the town looks the same it did 20 years ago...and that's pretty bad. Aside from that, are there ANY decent restaurants in this area??

Included: Lavallette, Ortley, Bay Head, even that area of Toms River right before Seaside Heights?

We passed a BYOB called Rockafella's, but we decided against it and went straight to Shipwreck.

Any opinions?

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  1. I haven't been, but note that Atlantic Bar and Grill in Seaside Park gets favorable mention on the food boards.

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    1. re: jsfein

      Atlantic Bar and Grill is excellent....

      1. re: timmy

        Second on Atlantic B & G. Also try Labrador Lounge in Normandy Beach and Diamonds Oceanside in Ortley Beach.

    2. Seaside is still a pit despite the town's efforts to make it somewhat presentable. I agree with the others...Atlantic Bar and Grille is excellent.

      1. I heard but have not tried it yet about a place called Runners somewhere in Ortley or Lavalette that is good. There is a fish market attached so that means FRESH.

        1. Not high on ambiance/decor, but you'll get a good meal at Lenny's in Lavalette. Their pizza is THE BEST, and their pasta dishes are very good, also. Good specials, too. Very family-friendly, and the prices are reasonable.