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Jun 11, 2007 11:06 AM

Ben and Jack's Steakhouse - any good?

Anyone have feedback on Ben and Jack's Steakhouse? No recenet postings to reference.

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  1. B & J's is OK....of the Luger's refugees, prefer Blair Perrone and Wolfgang's

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    1. re: drumwine

      its very good...way better than wolfgang's

      obviously get the porterhouse, the bacon is excellent, most of the sides are decent...the decor is kind of whatever, but i like it better than any of the other steakhouses in the city although i guess its a different type of steakhouse than a strip house or a spark's (which i also like), so maybe i shouldnt say better. though i think its much better than del frisco (which seems to get alot of praise for some reason)

    2. Been once; thought it was pretty good. Certainly worth a try for you. Not PL but then who else is? No one

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      1. re: steakman55

        I'm going to B&J's on June 28th. Will report back if you can wait that long.

      2. I thought it was average. So did the 15 people I went with.

        1. I ate there for a friends bday and thought it was greatand we have eaten at Peter Luger, Palm, Strip Steak and it is right up there!