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Jun 11, 2007 10:56 AM

Heavyweight Brewing?

Has anyone had or been to Heavyweight Brewing (Ocean Township, NJ)? We will be in the vicinity for a wedding and we're wondering if it's worth a side trip. Thanks.

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  1. Heavyweight closed last summer. (Here's one of the stories - ).

    It wasn't much to "see", by the way- just a garage-like area in an industrial building.

    1. Perkunno's Hammer recipe will be made by Victory.

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        Yup- in fact they brewed the first batch last month, so I imagine it should be hitting the shelves soon (unfortunately, it's to be bottled in 22 oz. bottles, IIRC- I'd much rather see it in 12 oz'ers.) Also, there's some question as to whether it'll be *called* Pekuno's Hammer due to some unspecified conflict over the ownership of the name....

        Did not mean to suggest that Heavyweight wasn't a great little brewery that made some real interesting beers- only that as a microbrewery to "visit" (other than during one of their "events"), it wasn't much to look at- no bar, no gift shop, etc.

        Tom Baker is supposedly looking for a site for a brewpub (in NY or PA- I guess the lack of a good beer scene in NJ plus restrictive laws re: brewpubs & microbreweries spoiled him on the "Garden" State)- one deal north of NYC fell through already.

        1. re: JessKidden

          thanks for all the help. we were hoping (if open) that they would do tours/tastings. anything to spice up a trip to the "garden" state. alas, it's not to be.

          1. re: LNG212

            Check out the Ramstein (High Point) brewery in Butler NJ, if you happen to be there on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Very small operation making quality beer.


            1. re: LStaff

              While on the subject of NJ breweries/brewpubs, has anyone been to J.J. Bittings in Woodbridge? Noticed it while coming back to NY on the train from the Jersey shore. Worth a trip?