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Jun 11, 2007 10:40 AM

Dinner in Theater District for 2 (not a date); Moderate (<$45 pp)


I'm trying to find a place for my mom and aunt to enjoy dinner before they go see 110 in the Shade tomorrow. It's my mom's birthday, but they're not super high rollers, so under $45 pp would be great. Type of food doesn't much matter, it must have wine, but it can't be loud and super hip is definitely not a priority. They are both NYers, but most of us generally avoid eating in the theater district so don't know where to go.

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Is that <$45 for food only or must it include wine, tax & tip?

    1. I like Roberto Passon on 9th at 50th. If you are doing a full on dinner (drinks, two or three courses, etc.) it can get a little expensive. However, I have gone to Roberto after the theater, enjoyed a nice pasta and a glass for good wine for around 45 a person.

      A little less upscale but lovely is Amerone (Amarone?) at around 46th on the East side of 9th. Solid to good italian, responsable wine list and pleasant. Not bad at all.

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        tricolore on west 47th, i believe they are now reopened. RGR -- i think u recently recommened this place, I cannot remember the full name.

      2. I dont know if they feel like going a little further north but Rosa Mexicano might be just what they are looking for on 63rd next to lincoln center. you can check out my review at

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          let's say around 100 for the two of them to include the works (but only one glass of wine each)

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            That helps. :-)

            I'll then second earla3's Roberto Passon suggestion. Good food and nice atmospherics. One caveat: Specials are recited by servers without prices. Some can be very pricey, so if any of them appeals, it's important to ask the cost in order to avoid sticker shock as well as the distinct possibility of going over the budget.


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              I really enjoyed this place--and very grown up in atmosphere:

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                thanks everyone! i think they're going to roberto passon, since it's also in a good location for where the theater is (54th st.). i'll let you know how they like it!

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                  they loved it! said the osso buco was particularly excellent and would definitely return. thanks, hounds!

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                    Thanks for reporting back! Glad your mom and aunt enjoyed Roberto Passon. When we were there, the osso buco was a special, and my husband ordered it. I had a taste but, though it was very good, I couldn't keep my fork away from the seriously delicious risotto that came with it.