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Jun 11, 2007 10:37 AM

Who is the chef at The Belvedere currently?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me who the chef at The Belvedere (Calgary) is at the moment? And any recent dining experiences would be welcome too.



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  1. I can't recall the current chef's name but I was there for lunch last Friday and my meal (Braised short ribs with Saffron Rissotto) was superb. Having said that, I thought the service was just a little off.

    1. The chef at Belvedere for the last couple years has been Alain Chabot. I have heard recent rumours that he is moving to Il Sogno but they are as of yet unsubstantiated.

      1. I was there about a week and a half ago. Spectacular wine list, and the food was great, I had the beef tenderloin duo - fantastic.

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          Chris Walker, that's the new chef for the Belvedere. (if the info serve me right)

          Damn i missed his food, very talent chef, and he loves what he does. May be i should stop by again soon.

          Vancouver has too much rain these days,,,,

        2. The Chef is in fact Chris Walker. It appears that his food may put the "B" back on the map as I was very impressed 2 weeks ago (I posted my review on Chow and on my blog).

          The winelist was built years ago by Fred Konopaki (former owner) and all they have really done is bought new vintages of what he put on the list and spinkled in a few odds and ends. Having said that...there's a new wine guy/manager who seems to be getting their "by the glass" list back on track. They outsourced the list to a wine distributor after Fred left and it has basically sucked ever since. They need to start refreshing their wine list a la Divino which does the best job in Calgary at this point. Cheers.