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Jun 11, 2007 10:32 AM

Favourite Cheeseburger in LA

OK I am sure this has been discussed before, but to keep the information fresh I am starting again - I am interested in finding the best cheeseburger in LA.

To throw the first hat in the ring, I am going to say that I did really enjoy my CB at Duke's in Malibu yesterday, simple and light but super tasty and fresh. I'd say it pipped at the post the burger at 25 Degrees (Hollywood/Orange) although the latter did come with much more flare and pomposity (fiscally reflected).

Excluding service, disregarding ambience, ignoring price, what is flat out the best Cheeseburger in LA? (Don't be afraid to mention Paris' favourite In & Out).

Any thoughts?

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  1. Right now, my vote goes to the Pug Burger at Hungry Cat. Blue cheesey avocadoey baconey goodness.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      I second Hungry Cat and also the burger at Grace is pretty tasty.

      1. re: jenngen

        Mmm... Grace's truffle burger... (drool)

      2. re: SauceSupreme

        Oh my! That's everything I like in one burger Adding to my try list.

      3. Hinano, an unlikely-looking dive bar on Washington gets mine.

        1. Father's Office

          followed closely by:
          Rustic Canyon
          Hotel Bel Air

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          1. re: LisaStitch

            Spago has a cheeseburger? Is it only at lunch? I don't recall seeing it on any menu I have seen.

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              I'm pretty sure it's lunch only. It's excellent. And the bun in paticular is great - perfectly toasted and it has both sesame and poppy seeds.

              1. re: LisaStitch

                Yep, haven't tried it. But there is a cheesebruger on the lunch menu it might be labeled as "Grilled Hamburger" or possibly as Kobe burger,

            1. re: scrappydog

              2nd 3rd and 4th by me and everyone at my work

            2. Bake & Broil in Long Beach, ordered with grilled onions. I don't care for the frou frou stuff like blue cheese or bacon which only covers up the burger flavor

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