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Jun 11, 2007 10:09 AM

Need Fun & Tasty Brunch near Columbia

Can anyone suggest a great spot for brunch near Columbia, MD? Heading there for a wedding and looking for a spot for a group of friends. Fun atmosphere, good food and decent bloodies are important. This does not have to be an upscale destination.

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  1. Maybe 15-20 years ago, the Waterside used to be an acceptable place for brunch in Columbia. I think that it went downhill not long after that and is probably not worthy anymore. The only other place I know that you could get brunch in Columbia is at the Hilton, and I was not that impressed the one or two times I went there.

    I think you'll have your work cut out for you finding something acceptable.

    1. I am going to get some hostility for recommending it, but for your needs, a good bet might be Clyde's.

      1. Unfortunately, Columbia isn't that great a spot for the culinary minded. But, you may want to check out Tersiguel's in Ellicott City. They have a Sunday brunch and it's near Columbia, so it might work. Other than that, the only other place that comes to mind is Eggspectations--a chain, albeit, but it's pretty good.

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          jrussd, thanks for the tip on Tersiguel's. I honestly had no idea that they did a brunch. If I wanted brunch in Columbia/Ellicott Ciy area then, I'd definitely hit Tersiguel's.

          1. re: Pool Boy

            You could do Dim Sum at the Jesse Wong place by the for a group and they have big, round tables. Just a thought!!!

          2. re: jrussd

            Tersiguel's sounds great, but it may be more money than they want to spend. That's by far the best rec here though. Eggspectations gets far better treatment than it deserves, mostly because the restaurant scene in Columbia is so dismal. It's not great, but it's serviceable.

            "Fun" and "tasty" are two words that almost never come up when talking about Howard County restaurants.

            1. re: JonParker

              Something about the original post suggested to me that they were looking for something more casual in atmosphere and suitable for a big lively group than I would consider Tersiguel's to be. It's arguably my favorite restaurant in Howard County though so I would recommend it if the OP thinks it would be appropriate for his/her group.

              Clyde's is far from my favorite restaurant even in culinarily underserved HoCo but I recommended it because it is generally "safe" for purposes such as these, the location is reasonably appealing, and the Clyde's locations I have been to have had pretty decent bartenders. I haven't done much drinking at the Columbia location though.

          3. The original comment has been removed