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Jun 11, 2007 10:04 AM

Seeking Authentic Chinese in NW-W-SW Houston

I live in Eagle Lake, just too far to go for dinner take-out at Bellaire Blvd area (is 65 miles each way for me). I would like to find a Chinese restaurant within about 35-40 miles. Can anyone recommend places with either authentic cuisine or "Chinese menus" available in order to side-step the sweet-and-sour gunk and get to the real McCoy?
Thinking Katy, Rosenburg, Fulshear, Brookshire. Basically along or west of Hwy 6. Possibly Sugar Land, but road construction on 59 makes it difficult to get to from here.
Thanks for any leads!

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  1. I can tell you for sure authentic chinese doesn't exist in Katy. I always have to make the trip to Bellaire.

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      Where do you recommend in Houston/Bellarie?

      1. re: Texchef

        Here's a few places real quick off the top of my head.
        Tay Do (not quite Bellaire - Westheimer/Hwy 6), Sinh Sinh, Tan Tan, Lai Lai, Chinese Cafe, HK Food Street, House of Bowls, and Xiong's Cafe

        Pretty much just search for Bellaire, and I'd agree with most people's choices there!

    2. The only authentic chinese food that i know in that area is at my house.. but besides THAT... and I know you were asking for Chinese.. but.. there is a decent vietnamese place, Pho Bong Sen at Jones and 1960.

      1. To answer my own question, discovered "King Bo II" 4707 Hwy 6 S Missouri City 281-403-2222
        A Chinese menu that is well into the "authentic" realms. Even do free delivery.

        1. Hate to say it but for as many Chinese restaurants as there are in Houston it's very hard to find one that isn't the s&s generic. It's a bit out of your desired range but the best I've had is the China Sechuan Cuisine on Westpark. Authentic, delicious, affordable. Take a carload of folks and call it a banquet; it's definitely a destination place. Haven't been there since the rave review in the Chron a few weeks ago but went past it on Saturday and it looked like the crowds were down to managable size. Excellent food with a lot of off-the-menu and taped-to-the-wall-in-Chinese specials - don't be afraid to point at another table and say "We'll have some of that." There IS some very weird (by foreign devil standards, anyway) stuff on and off the menu, though. Get an order of the spicy dried chicken to take home; it makes outrageous leftover sandwiches.