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Jun 11, 2007 10:03 AM

Dinner 6/11/07 in Raleigh/Morrisville/ Cary

I've gotten a little bored with my typical go-to restaurants lately. My friend and I are having dinner tonight and I am looking for something new to go. It needs to be in the west Raleigh/ Cary/ Morrisville area. I like anything (other than Indian), but her palate is a tad less adventurous than mine. Any suggestions for moderately-priced/ casual restaurants that you all would suggest (I know sushi is out for her, which totally bums me)? Thanks a million!

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  1. It's a chain, but for consistently good (moderately-priced) Italian in a nice atmosphere, why not try Biaggi's?

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      Thanks so much, Cackalackie! (cute name!) -- I actually have not heard of this restaurant before, so it will definitely be new to me. Even if we don't go tonight, I will be so glad to have this as a place to try-out soon. Thanks!

    2. If Asian food is acceptable I would try Bamboo Garden in Morrisville. It's not your typical Chinese food. We've eaten there twice now and found it very tasty. Nikos Taverna is another option, but it was a bit pricey from what I remember.

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        Some more ideas -

        Babymoon Cafe, on Airport Blvd in Morrisville
        El Dorado Mexican restaurant, High House/Cary Pkwy in Cary ... pretty standard "Mexican" food but is usually pretty good.
        Neomonde, on Chapel Hill Rd. in Morrisville - this place has counter service, so I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.
        Abbey Road, in Cary - Voted best burgers in the Triangle a bunch of times

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          Thanks so much Trheel4vr and Scarrie, too! I just emailed everyones' suggestions to my friend to let her decide... they all look SO good to me. And - I LOVE Neomonde, and had no idea there was more than one location.

          I don't often dine in the geogrpahic area where you all have offered suggestions, so everyones' input is very helpful!

      2. Since Nikos has opened a restaurant in Morrisville - thanks to the info given here last week - how about giving them a try? Great Greek food - hard to imagine even a picky eater couldn't find something they liked there. In Morrisville -