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Jun 11, 2007 09:36 AM

Good meal at el pollo

went on sat. night couldn't get into Song it was so packed and we were all starving so decided to go elsewhere.el pollo is right next door While looking at the menu a passerby stated the chicken was very good so decided to go in.There was only one table occupied it is a small place and the menu is small too compared to coco rocco.We ordered a half chicken,avocado salad and a seafood rice dish.The chicken was very moist and well seasoned .the salad was a mix of romaine with mesculin a few sliced cucumber and tomato and cut avocado on top they also gave us 3 salad dressing in those plastic take out container , the seafood salad had mussels,squid shrimp amd fake crab meat the rice dish i liked very much as the rice was soft which i like in a tomato base . service is adequate at times it was slow and did not come to check on us and i received my inca cola after 10 minutes. we also had to ask for the check .they seemed to do a brisk take out and delivery.

a good place to have a meal whithout all the hype and loud music if you want to talk to your dining companion.they did not have alcohol so i guess its BYOB.

oh, the address is 5 ave btwn 2-3 st.

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  1. El Pollo is just OK compared to my go to Peruvian. I found the service amateurish. The chicken's decent.

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      What's your go-to Peruvian? Not so much for chicken, but for the other stuff? Bonus points for firm, zingy ceviches, and a good cau cau de mariscos. :)

      (If anyone else wants to jump in, please do.)

      1. re: hatless

        It's called El Iman, and it's in Elizabeth, NJ, run by a Peruvian Japanese family. I've posted about it a few times at least -- you might be able to find it in the search. Menu:

        For much better Peruvian chicken and sides closer to home, go to Super Pollo in Sunset Park, 41st & 5th Ave. The chicken's very good. I haven't tried the ceviche there.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          Thanks. Why did I have a feeling you were going to suggest something in NE Jersey? It's funny, I'm living in Queens again and my SO and I haven't found any Peruvian (besides chicken) worth getting excited about yet compared to what we had in South Florida. A couple of weeks ago she was working in Passaic and called from a desolate block asking where to get something to eat and the Google map of the surrounding streets pulled up Peruvian galore, which she's looking forward to checking out next time her company sends her out there.

          1. re: hatless

            If you do head out there, I think they're closed Wednesdays. Call to confirm though.

    2. My family loves their chicken; the rice is also very good. There is basically no decor, so I see it more as a convenient take out rather than a dine-in place.