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Jun 11, 2007 09:35 AM

Awesome Steamed Clams and Lobster Roll at Tinkers, Hooksett NH

I stopped yesterday on my way home from Lakes Region and wow, these have to be the sweetest steamers ever, nice bellys too. I had an excellent lobster roll, all meat, claws, knuckles, tail meat - perfect mayo ratio. They have 3 sizes - I got the smallest (plenty for $10). And it comes with a side of either fries, coles slaw, rice or mashed - (maybe baked too). Their menu is extensive - lots of excellent seafood. last time got fabulous calimari. they have steamed lobster too. They have a great fresh seafood case too - to take home and do yourself. Check it out. It's off Rt. 93 on Rt. 28,NH/R...

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  1. The fried clam there are to die for! Quite honestly the best I have ever had. I would eat there every friday I could during Lent :D

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      I'm vowed to try more things on the menu. Everything is sooo good. Going again Thursday. They have sushi grade tuna in the seafood case, I've had this great recipe to try, might finally pick some up on my way out. It's nice to not have to go to the coast for awesome lobster and clams (of course you have to close your eyes to get the ocean) :-)