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Jun 11, 2007 09:12 AM

First time in San Francisco: please recommend a restautant that worth to remember & review

I'm for the first time in San Francisco, CA. I'm going to stay in the Bay Area from June 10 until June 17. Could anyone kindly recommend some good restaurants to go where I could try something that I would not anywhere else including NYC my home town. The restaurant I'm looking for does not have to be fancy or exotic. I'm rather looking for something authentic or a place that serves a "signature" meals that I could remember for long. Yes, the right place I'm looking for should be described as "memorable" after. My budget is open as for fine dining as for cheap treats (company pays the bill).

I would sincerely appreciate your recommendations and promise to follow up with the post review and pictures.

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  1. Aziza. Stop by the Ferry Building for the farmers market on Saturday monring. There are prepared food vendors there.

    Often mentioned on the board
    Tadich Grill for old time SF ambiance and fish
    Beldon Lane for a number of restaurants
    Piperade (upscale Basque)

    Go to the Mission. walk up 24th street. Stop by Philz for coffee with fresh ming and La Palma Mexitessan for potato chips. Tartine is in the Mission and a NY Times food writer raved about them lately. There's also Cafe Gratitue in the Mission for vegetarian and a vibe you wont find elsewhere.

    Red's Java House for cheap burgers on sourdough rolls and a million dollar view.

    Pick up a copy of the Chowhound's Guide to the SF Bay Area and there are about 600 bay area tips.

    Looking forward to your report and have a good time.