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Jun 11, 2007 08:57 AM

Kyochon - Korean fried chicken

Straight off the plane from Boston, my husband says he's been craving the fried wings from this chicken place that opened up a couple weeks ago, despite some craziness on a previous visit when they ran out of chicken. So we head over.

Right away though, we make a mistake. Despite looking like a McDonald's, there actually is table service at Kyochon. We ordered at the counter, which is apparently only for to-go orders. We were told it would take an hour and a half.

I thought, this chicken had better be awesome.

So we went a few doors down, passing a samgyeopsal place that's supposed to be really good and smells like it (samgyeopsal is grilled slices of pork belly), to get a drink and some ttukbokki, chewy rice cakes in spicy sauce, to tide us over.

An hour later, we decide to try our luck and return to Kyochon. No luck. We take a seat and wait some more. Fortunately, we had brought the Sunday paper.

To condense our long ordeal, we eventually got served, two hours after ordering. This was really because of the to-go mixup, the waitress said. I noticed she was telling other customers who ordered at table that the wait was 30-40 minutes. Still long, but manageable.

We got the original and the spicy wings. Usually I hate wings. I hate chicken skin and bones, and that's pretty much all there is. I like the crisp-skinned wings dusted with pepper salt at Furaibo, but that's it.

Now I can add Kyochon to that list. The wings were well fried, and there was no hint of flabby undercooked skin. The original wings seemed to have garlic bits embedded in the batter, which gave them a toasted-garlic flavor. My spicy wings were spicy, but oh so tasty... I thought the originals were bland by comparison, although my husband said that was because my taste buds had been singed by the hot wings. Very possible.

You get diced pickled daikon on the side. Not my thing, but I downed a few cubes to try to quench the fire inside.

So this place is clearly still trying to get their act together. Their menu also offers drumsticks (as "sticks") and whole chicken, but none of those were available. There's also chicken bulgogi, spicy chicken with chewy rice cakes, french fries and mozzarella sticks, but I didn't see anyone ordering them so I don't know if they're available.

A medium order of wings is $9, large is $16. Sodas are free. No beer, which is a shame because those wings would go perfectly with it.

I also have photos, which I'll post later.

There's also another branch in Torrance that's been open longer.

3833 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles 90020

2515 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance 90503

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  1. Thanks for this! I'm going to have to resist the urge to go tonight, but definitely sometime within the week...

    1. Finally! I knew at some point someone was going to open a kyochon place. thanks for the info! I'm glad you stuck it through. kudos for the perseverance.

      1. Taking another look at that famed NYT article on Korean fried chicken, I notice it says that the double-frying technique they use (much like the Belgian way with frites) was developed by Kyochon. Lucky us! That story doesn't mention a Kyochon in NY, but there is one now (in Flushing), not that we need to care.

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        1. re: Cicely

          Just a note - The double fry method has been used in Korea since at least 1978, and many small Korean restaurants in the states since the early '90s.

        2. my husband reminds me that I forgot a few things:

          -There is a smoking section, with a large open window/section of wall.

          -Bring a sweater (it's cold in the smoking section and the other section is small, so you might get stuck there even if you don't smoke)

          -The owner said he's working on getting a beer license.

          -The chickens are flavored with garlic, soy sauce and 23 secret ingredients, and the sauce is supposedly flown in from Korea.

          1. I remembered this thread or one similar to it regarding the korean fried chicken wings while I was out yesterday at the Galleria Market in Northridge. There were a couple of places in their food court that offered the fried chicken wings, I noticed. I have not yet tried them but if you're in the Northridge/ SFV area and are craving them, at least you'll know where to find them.